How about a luxury commune of an idea?!

I had always thought putting the words “luxury” and “commune” together would make it an oxymoron. But hey this startup just proved that anything is possible!!! :rofl:

I honestly don’t get why that’s not what we do instead of section 8. It’d be way cheaper.

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ok what about that universal basic income idea again? :wink:

If it replaced the 30+ existing programs and was budget neutral, then I’d support it. Think about how much we’d save just on administrative costs. My issue is there’s no way it’d replace all other programs. There’s no way you can trust everyone to be responsible with the money. You’d start out replacing all programs with UBI, then you’d have people blowing the money as soon as they get it. By the middle of the month, they won’t have money for groceries. People will feel sorry that there’s starving people, and we’ll bring back food stamps. That process will repeat until we have UBI plus all the current programs, and I’m sure we’ll add some more along the way.

Maybe if UBI was distributed weekly it’d work. I’m still skeptical. It’d be good to try replacing all the existing programs with UBI on a small scale and see what happens.

How about Section 8 + Food stamps + MediCare + UBI. OMG… just those 4 is all I would ever need!!! :rofl:

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The minute you want sheet that poor people have, you’re done… Come on, Cal grad, I expect way more out of you…:slight_smile:

What do you mean??? I’m not a snob like some people here are… I would be perfectly happy living in a luxury commune with a bunch of ordinary people… :laughing:

Come on, who really wants to live in a dorm again?

(sounds of crickets…)

Just imagine: rent out all of your expensive Bay Area real estates and go live in the “dorm” paying next to nothing in rent. All the $$$ you are raking in and the best part nobody would have ever guessed that you are actually a multi-millionaire!!! A true real-life “Millionaire Next Door”!!! OMG… I almost had an orgasm just thinking about it… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Uh, most of us are not paying any rent or mortgage really right now. Our tenants pay for it all!!! Yeaaaaaah, baby!!!

Yes but you are squandering the opportunity of renting out your primary residence by living there yourself. You can rent out your Sunset home for another 6K a month and go live in the dorm with your wife… wouldn’t that look spiffy! :laughing:

Dude, a life is to be lived and enjoyed. You can’t go cheap on everything. What would be the point then?

It’s not a question of cheapness, just a lifestyle choice! Personally I would very much enjoy living in a dorm with a whole bunch of people… the fact that this kind of lifestyle is “cheap” is just icing on the cake… :rofl:

Also, these are not your smelly college dorms or hostels. These are “luxury” communes… :wink:

Dude, you need a wife…

She’s going to live in the dorm with me… :rofl:

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Ooooh, the payout (red envelope) for getting your “sorry” butt married could be nice and fat but the way you are talking, I would be lucky to get a dollar…:grinning:

Seriously, I might want a project. Between my lil sister and my wife, I bet I can find you a nice gal. Shoot, my wife invited her single coworker to our Thanksgiving party and my older sister was already working it for her son’s best friend the dental student. We are hungry for commission like RE agents…

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You’re right… I’m a very simple person so gold-diggers will be sorely disappointed… :rofl:

Honestly, from what I know of you (granted all of this could be BS) you and my Big Bro would get along GREAT. He, a Cal grad, owns too much property, loves stocks too, YET lives very simply in SV. Come on, it was only a few years ago he caved in and bought his wife a brand new top of the line Accord. They had a mini van when their kids were still growing up.

I suppose one day we shall meet so that we can get you hitched so that your parents can possibly see some grandkids out of you. Don’t do like me and wait too long…

Um… my brother already gave them grandkids… they are not missing out. I’m enjoying life too much right now to be thinking about kids… I’ll have them in a few years time maybe… :wink:

You can always go back for another degree.