How About Boise, Idaho?




What else is there except Micron and potatoe?


Actually, that part about the climate sounds appealing. Chance for a White Christmas and warm summers…


Potatoe? Who are you? Dan Quayle?:sunglasses:
Actually Boise is a very cool place. Now in competition with Salt Lake City, Denver and other western cities. The inland trend has restarted after the recession hiatus. People move there for the outdoor lifestyle. Employment will follow.
Boise has a thriving music scene. Lots of foodies and a great river float right through town. Reno meets Austin vibe. Lots of Cali transplants. Good skiing 45 min. Great skiing 2.5 hrs away.


Dang, you mean Boise could take some thunder from SLT???


More like Reno than Tahoe… no lake
But Sun Valley is not far… Paradise for billionaires


I always thought that potatoe was right spelling.
Glad to learn that i was not the only one. :grin:


Potatoe may have been the reason Clinton won. Dan Quayle was the dumbest VP candidate until Palin:sunglasses:


Oh man, imagine a time when misspelling a word was reason enough to disqualify someone.


And Clinton got impeached over the definition of is.


Ken Starr was the very definition of a witch hunt. Started out investigating murder in whitewater ended up over the definition of is.


History is repeating itself. We have a special counsel to investigate collusion with Russia on the election. So far we have paying off a porn start to keep quiet about sex, and some other people got busted on tax evasion. If tax evasion was such a big crime, then half of Obama’s cabinet should have been in prison.


Boise is awful…


population growth looks higher.


Come on, @britt522, why do you think Boise is awful???:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Compared to what?


To flip it around, why is it good? Denver and even Salt Lake City at least are more scenic. It’s also too white for me. I wonder if there’s any authentic Asian food at all in town. Or anything other than burgers.


I prefer Tahoe. But I have been to Boise three times. Nice place. As far as Asian food—my guess is you are limited to the BA, LA and NYC. But it looks like there over 50 Asian restaurants in Boise.
Boise is known for good Basque food and has a lively foodie scene. I am going back there just to eat at this place:


anywhere else.


Come on, specifics!!! Not remotely saying you’re wrong, just wanting to know why the negative review…