How are the Hong Kong protests being viewed in Singapore?

How are the Hong Kong protests being viewed in Singapore?

So to me it’s quite clear that democracy is not the key to a better life, at least for Asian societies like ours. Stability, anti-corruption and strong governance are the key factors to success.

All of which, ironically, have been witnessed in abundance in the current China government, but not so much in the HK leadership.

Singaporeans don’t understand British (now American worshippers) HKers who value freedom more than good life.

… HKers have nothing to bring to the table to induce a third party to bleed for their cause. The West does not do altruism and if it did, it would certainly not be for a bunch of Chinese.

Trump can’t be bothered. Just say rhetorically, hope no blood shed. Other nations also NATO (no action talk only).

the violent protesters are keeping violating rule of law on the streets. It’s dangerous to the rule of law in HK.

HKers think is justified :wink: For freedom, is ok to break all laws and challenge authority (judicial, legislative and executive).

the HKers who need a more rational view on the balance between rights and obligations to move forward its political progress.

What nonsense. HKers are always right. Their way or no way. Please refer to comment by another blogger,

HK people may have superiority complex who for a long time seen themselves as having higher class status to whole of china and see mainlanders as lower class so Honkys don’t want to be ruled by Beijing are both horrified and humiliated at that prospect

For a self proclaimed “apolitical” person, you sure created a lot of political threads. How many topics do you intend to open for Hong Kong?

I am apolitical :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, just sharing what I have read. HKP and Singaporeans think so differently.

Personally, I am rather uncomfortable at the idea of breaking the law for an abstract concept like “Freedom” or “Democracy”.

I came across an article a while ago that said Singaporeans behave that way because the government constantly lashes out propaganda that plants the idea wherein any opposition would pose a risk to their very survival. Goes to show Confucianism is absolutely despicable and supports slavery.

Also, Quora sucks, as Screamer-in-Chief already pointed out.

SCMP interview with Minister for Law and Home Affairs K Shanmugam

Shanmugam said he was sure the Hong Kong government, like every government, would want to meet its people’s aspirations and seek solutions to issues raised. “But the solutions cannot be found if serious disruptions like these continue,” he added.

On the political front, he said, Hong Kong was part of China and Beijing would expect the city to adapt to the prevailing political structure in China.

Claiming that China’s system selects “very competent” people to be in government, he asked: “Is there a system, a political system that can do better for the people of China, compared to the current system? Which one? Name one? Whose system is better?”

Shanmugam also blamed international news organisations for presenting a “confused, muddied” picture of events in Hong Kong with superficial analyses, a skewed perspective and by engaging in labelling.

“All protesters are automatically, generally, democracy fighters,” he said. “Police on the other hand, are oppressive, attacking the forces of democracy, using excessive force. ‘They’re negative, they’re an evil force.’”

Does the rest of the world view the Hong Kong protesters as rioters?

“lashes out propaganda”?

“The government has promoted the idea that any opposition or challenge could pose a risk to the very survival of Singapore, and thus must be avoided,” he said.

Have Singaporeans misunderstood the nature of Hong Kong protests?

Singaporeans were… averse to civil disobedience, violence and disruptions.

Singaporeans are also “law-and-order people” who have accepted that gaining economic progress means giving up some rights.


Didn’t know Quora equates to what the rest of the world thinks. Very authoritative indeed. Ask Canada/UK/US and see what they think. Their leaders came out recently to voice their opinion.

Previously I said,

I won’t trust these guys since they can’t even/ don’t bother to get the Chinese name right. Do you seriously think they care about the HK cause?

For example, if william said his name is Wu Qi Jun, they will address him as Mr Jun instead of Mr Wu. Go to the bank to set up an account, tell them no middle name, name is Qi Jun. Still they create your name as Jun, middle name Qi. So you are forced to use Qijun or Qi-Jun. William is forced to change his name to Qi-Jun Wu.

You talk as if CCP is trustworthy. Hate to break it to you, but it’s time to wake up, as shown by what’s happening in HK today. Your whole argument is racial based.

Irrelevant. You can say the same thing about Japanese and vice versa. This only happens if you don’t know how to communicate with others to correct them.

this guy is brainwash by CCP/HKCCP,

why ppl in hk so mad, these are all caught on video
) cops pretending protester starting violence
) cops teaming up with local gangster to beat on people
) Beating up ppl everywhere, not protester , basically anyone
) putting weapons into protester’s bag, force their hand to put fingerprint on weapon
) ridiculous violence against normal people claim they’re protesters
) using tear gas everywhere, including shooting everything on a street that has no people, but the ppl live upstairs got f
) sexual harass woman
) selective arrest, free and protect ppl that is rooting for cops and arrest ppl yelling at cop
) execssive violence during arrest

do more research on real video posted by common ppl , a lot of arrest are not even protester

You can BS anyway you want, I was there in umbrella revolution back then. got beat by a fxxking cop while walking back to my mom’s house at night. Those fxxkers see you young, they beat your ass. HK cop after china took over is complete POS. The place has no law and order now. If you support china gov, you can get away with everything, anything anti, you’ll get arrested and name protester 暴徒

So long you don’t agree is racial, nationalistic, elitist and narcissistic :neutral_face:. You are implying racial based is bad? Evil? Sinner? We need to call them out and ostracize them? IMHO, one should be proud of their own race, culture and nation.

Only you can :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Make a judgement without trying to understand the issue deeper. There are two issues, so many East Asians around prior to my arrival yet they don’t know how Chinese names are written, and many software applications treat Qi Jun as middle and name. Has to use Qi-Jun or Qijun. Just look around, Chinese are forced to write their names as Qi-Jun Wu or Qijun Wu or get a Caucasian name like William. In other words, you can’t be different, and has to comply. So much for diversity.

That is my intention :roll_eyes: I have to wonder, who need to wake up.

Now I know why you are so anti-CCP (or China or mainland Chinese?).

if you remember, i was about to move back to HK
I went to china mainland almost every year. Before hate? no, cuz it’s not affecting me, will i live in mainland china? no, you cannot buy food that’s not poison, walmart in third tier city are selling fake coca cola, I went to one of the top few bank using atm in china and got fake cash. For entertainment and buying little things it’s great for tourist

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If being loyal to your race and nation means abandoning your moral authority, you should be ashamed of yourself.

You make it sound like it’s only an issue for Asians. It’s common for Westerners to adopt Chinese names in Hong Kong.

Good. 回頭是岸
Something more to add: you assume Hong Kongers believe Western nations are their saviors. That is completely not the case and shows that you don’t understand the public sentiment. As China’s ex-chairman would say, this train of thought is “too simple, sometimes naive.” Hong Kong has always been a bargaining chip between the West and the East, from the Opium War to trade war in the present day. Hong Kongers are using this to their advantage in their fight for democracy.

IMHO, bad decision.

Judgement call.

That is a different issue.