How California home prices hit record high despite coronavirus

Fun animation showing how different CA counties’ housing price changed over the last 30 years. SF really stole the show in the last 20 years. Some screenshot:

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SF’s housing price has gone from 40% more expensive than state average in 1992, to about 3x today.

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No way I would buy from you two. Cheekily ends at Jun. Refer to linked article what happen after.

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Sounds like a top to me,
Most of the current fires are in the BA. Currently 300k acres. May increase the exodus…

You can fight the Fed reserve but you cannot fight climate.
Smoke is all the way to Lake Tahoe. i am worry the exodus change to stampede.

Tahoe is clear today. Tourists are flooding in, thicker than the smoke. I heard there is ash from the BA is falling at my farm.
Hope it doesn’t taint the grapes. Farming is a bitch.

Time to move to Texas.

Too flat and too hot. I love living in the mountains.

All I know is Austin is more hilly than Singapore :laughing:

Austin and the South in general is exactly where you don’t want to live. Maybe if you just stay inside your house 24-7 you can manage. But then why not move to a desert where it’s even cheaper?

Texas will be fine 7 months of the year.
we have 10 months of year dry weather. you still need airconditioning in South Bay/Fremont etc.
only SF and Peninsula you dont need.

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Add a month of unhealthy air quality n wildfire to BA.

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Don’t need air-con, how about heater?

heater is very minor. all kind of blankets. it is not extreme cold anyway.
California is now asking international help for fires. its Global embarrassment by itself.
All kind of bankrupt firms have headquarters ( Fed favors ) here with little to do with reality.

Why is asking for help embarrassing?

California and all the other western states are not prepared for this new climate change enabled fire risks. This is relatively new and we need a new plan to mitigate the risks. You bet we will get it under control now that every Californian knows how bad it is. When there is enough political will things will get rolling. May take 10 or 20 years but we will get it done.

Are you sure. There is fire literally every year.
Such excuses happens only in 3rd world countries. It is embarrassing.

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we cannot produce basic laptops for kids and here they want to fight forest fires. Not realizing to fight this scale of fires. it need new aircraft and choppers designed from groundup for specialized roles and airpads need built near water reservoirs.with pilots fully trained.and sensors spread around all the forest areas to see the smallest spark and immediate airdrop action.
just give you idea Boeing 787 needed $32b in development cost more than a decade ago and that with European/Japanese components. There is no such skills left.

Exodus continue. making California more and more depended on Fed reserve to keep stock high for Tax.

As long as all those laptops still use CA-designed CPU’s and GPU’s we will be doing OK. We can’t produce everything, especially low value-add stuff like laptop assembly.

I don’t get why you and the other guy are so gloomy about the state you both call home. World is interconnected. We can’t make everything. That’s just a fact of life. We specialize in some things that nobody else can do, and other countries/states have their own specialities.

Top 20 companies in S&P. How many are based in CA? Actually, screw that. How many are based in Bay Area?

laptop is not a low end product. Its factories need European engineering to manufacture it.
Ask Wisconsin about Foxcon display panel factory.
laptop is far more important product to built it here than wasting labor resources on assembling Tesla.
every one studying and working from home. infact there is no need for phone as light weight laptop can use skype or any messenger service to make audio calls. whats the point of Phone at all?

Since iPhone, phone is no longer necessary :rofl: On the move, use :watch:or :iphone:or iPad, at home/ office, use iPad or MBP or iMac.