How can so many RF realtors get it wrong - san ramon

lipstick on a pig. please get good help. 10 redfin realtors gave nice comments – lovely, updated, beautiful. saw a number of question marks. you can identify one in the picture from the street.

there’s an even bigger issue here than the work done. i’ll leave it at that.

i sincerely hope no one here is associated with this one.

I don’t like the freeway nearby…But most other defects can be fixed…

I have seen some of her other listings. I think she primarily works with flipper investors who put on cheap remodels. I almost bought one from her in late 2016 but in the end I bought a different property. The one she was selling was sitting because of the cheap remodel, but after some negotiations I could’ve picked it up at a good discount. After I walked away seller came back and did some more remodel, then the house was sold in 2017 for a price much higher than what I could have paid.

I haven’t figured out what was wrong in the picture from street though. @ww13 are you referring to the new side gate next to the old fence?

It’s the flue sitting above the entry door on the roof. It’s not properly flashed. The bottom edge needs to sit above the roofing but it doesn’t.

This property had a CLEAN home inspection report. New/newish high end homes don’t sparkle like this.

You will never buy with that attitude…Minor shit can be fixed…In fact the more defects the better…Wuqijin and I don’t even mind sloped floors…I don’t even bother with inspectors anymore…I. worry only about incurable defects. Like the freeway…thats at at least a $50k negative…

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There are much bigger issues than one flaw. It’s more about the type of project this was. It’s presented as some fantastic newly remodeled home, but that’s not what it is… lipstick on a pig. It’s about disclosure too.

You are right about the freeway, it’s a big red flag. Next would be the layout with 2 beds up and 2 beds down. 1400 sqft two story house with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths.

I’m not in the market to buy this. I heart dilapidated houses…

Yeah then why worry about it…The buyers can sue if they really get screwed…Hopefully they will get there own inspections if newbies…But for a $900k house most of the value is in the land…So if they have to spend $20k to fix some shit it won’t matter much in a year or two…

My big issues with flat lot houses is drainage…that is key…make sure the floors are relatively level…Look for evidence of flooding or moisture in the crawl space…Have the electrical and plumbing checked…Check the age of the roof, make sure the windows are dual pane…The other stuff is cosmetic and easy to fix…

I own several old crappy houses in Tahoe…mostly minor issues…A lot can be handled with a homewarranty

I like your advice.

I was helping out a friend. It’s very easy for people that aren’t familiar to get taken advantage of. Even when you try to help, they don’t always listen.

Is a home warranty worth it?

Yes. Always paid by the seller. Have bought many even the next year or two for older homes. Always paid off. Great tenant buffer. Home warranty guy will know if the tenants caused the problem. Like a drain blockage. I have had appliances fixed or replaced , plumbing work and heaters replaced or repaired…

Which home warranty is this ? Who pays the service call fee you or the tenant ?

I pay unless the repairman says it is the tenants fault. A free impartial judge…

I have never had much luck …signed up with different ones always come up with excuses not to cover …dumped them and put tje amount in a high % account …
One landlord said he tells tenants there is a home warranty which is a service i am providing for your benefit and paying for …however you are responsible for the call fee …he says it dramtically cuts down on frivolous calls and makes the tenants a lot more circumspect …on the flip side they may leave minor issues which can become major costing you a lot in the end …


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Sold for 900K!!!

Do all flippers bypass the permitting process?

These guys did too

On the previous one, portions of the concrete driveway were redone and I’ve seen better work from guys standing at the corner at HD :scream:.

I suspect some do, only because of the really low inventory that we are seeing. Hey, you don’t want it, move aside, others will take it and work with it.

Sort of related, but look at this story about a remodel project where the owner did more than approved for. Yes, correction will be in order but it just seems like developers/flippers are more brazen than before since housing is scarce.