How fast can you make a profit with Airbnb?

Nested looked at all closed property sales in 75 cities over the past six months and current market listings for all locations researched, calculating exactly how long it would take you, in months, to recoup the property value of an average three-bedroom property based on average rental and Airbnb costs.

Six American cities appear in the index, with the research showing that a three-bedroom property in Washington, D.C., would take 219 months to recoup value via traditional rental methods, and 64 months via Airbnb.

This was the fastest ROI via Airbnb in the U.S., followed by:

  • Los Angeles (122 months via Airbnb versus 278 traditional)
  • Chicago (126 months versus 173 traditional)
  • Miami (137 months versus 312 months traditional)
  • New York City (181 months versus 317 traditional)
  • San Francisco (204 months, without regulations)

So in DC you only need to AirBnB for 5 years and you can own the property free and clear? Wow!

New game plan: study DC RE market ASAP! And stick it to Trump Hotel!