How I Prevent from getting SCREWED from Tenants

Hey guys, thought I would share on how I prevent from getting screwed by my tenants and how I manage my properties with minimal effort from hours away. Let me know if you have questions!

Folks, don’t bother watching. Pretty newbie advice.

Morgans, you are wrong that appliances are not value added. If you want top $$ from people with great credit scores, they’re going to want what looks like a high quality rental, and the appliances and kitchen are the first thing they look at. They’re not looking for someone who cheaps out on stuff or can’t tell the difference between good and mediocre appliances.

When you do videos, try making eye contact with the camera.

Do you have rentals in California? It’s a whole 'nother ballgame here. The laws are stacked against you as the landlord. Manage the property is childsplay. People here want to know how you manage the renters whose uncles are experts in suing landlords and are about to throw an opportunistic lawsuit at you.

If you want to learn something read the advice from the landlords on this forum instead of posting your videos on it.