How Is The Circus, Err, Hearing Going?


Come on, Brett, have a beer…


See, the guy is doing a cracking good job already…



That’s 2/3.


Fabricated allegations as a ploy for attention??? Perfect for my “Very Embarrassing Ladies” thread…


Seems to be a fair judge, just what we were hoping for…


Did anyone see the senate committee report that was released? It makes a ton of sense. Ford told her therapist the attack was in the mid 80’s when she was in her late teens. That doesn’t match 1982 and 15. They questioned 2 guys who think they were the incident she mentioned in testimony. The timeline matched her original account of mid 80’s and late teens. The guy said he was on top and kissing her which was consensual. His friend came in the room and jumped on top of them.


As expected, this fiasco is backfiring the Dems:


I still don’t understand why they did that to Kavanaugh. It was almost impossible to stop Kavanaugh, maybe Feinstein didn’t think it had any chance, but one of her staffers leaked it to force the fight.

But media is not dumb and they stopped reporting on kavanaugh really quickly.

Anyway, now both parties got what they wanted. Stock will soar tomorrow.


Time to hang it up, Ruthie???


Is it ok to hold the office if a judge needs to be bed-ridden for the rest of the life or needs to stay at a memory treatment center?

"It is not the first time that Ginsburg has fractured her ribs while on the court. In June 2012, Ginsburg fractured two ribs in a fall and did not disclose the injury to the public until months later. The court said at the time that despite the fracture, Ginsburg “did not skip a beat.”

The Brooklyn-native, one of four liberal justices on the nine-member court, has said she plans to serve on the bench until she is 90, and has hired law clerks through 2020."