How Is The Circus, Err, Hearing Going?

Since I am at work and can’t follow along, what are your impressions from this hearing real time? Is she swaying you or distancing you? Give me anything!!!

Most of the senators are just talking a ton and not asking many questions.

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Yeah, democrats use their time to praise her and don’t question her at all. Republicans yield their time to the female lawyer who’s asking questions on their behalf. It’s very telling democrats want no part of asking her any questions.

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If you had to make a call right now, do you see him making it through? I will go out on a limb that the GOP goes with another candidate just to calm the masses. Let’s be honest, if it goes to another candidate it certainly is no slam dunk that he/she will be “better” for the Demos…

I suspect they’ll confirm him unless there’s a smoking gun. Honestly, if the media actually reported everything then public opinion would be VERY different.

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Oh the irony, democrats are demanding anyone who provides a sworn statement be made available for questioning. Yet, they won’t question Ford. Then it’s revealed democrats were invited to be part of gathering sworn statements from others and choose not to participate. Democrats don’t care at all about learning about evidence that Kavanaugh is innocent. It’s becoming obvious this is a partisan hit job.

Well, don’t they have a right to not question if they think the testimony/statement Ford has given suffices?

For people demanding a full investigation, you’d think they’d question her instead of blindly believing her. It’s not a full investigation if you only want to question one side.

A full investigation would have a prosecutor question BK as welll, not a one sided questioning trying to discredit the victim.

I dare the GOP plow thru with BK. I am curious to see if they will lose the senate as a result. We are 5 weeks from midterms. You want to make the election about sexual assaults and nothing else? Sure. Let’s play ball.

Democrats will be able to question him. He’s speaking now. He has a point. He’s passed FBI background checks 6 times. They talk to old classmates. Not once did any of this come up.

You still haven’t said what you want investigated. All the alleged witnesses have said they weren’t there. What is there to investigate?

Hmm, none of the alleged people involved lived near the area of the home where the attack allegedly happened. So how would 4 teenage kids end up partying at a home where none of them lived in or near?

Wow, this guy is intense. As a HS kid, he kept his calendar. He picked up the habit from his dad. He can literally site every gathering from that summer, where it was, and who was there.

An formal investigation is more than a bunch of interviews. You need to have people go out on the field to gather evidence. And interview not just the people who volunteered to talk so far. You know, a normal police investigation that’s not a he said she said playing out on national media.

Since this is the format GOP chose to play it’s now boiled down who the public trust more. And my bet is not on the rapist.

Gather evidence from 35 years ago? It’s not like they can go swab a home for DNA or finger prints to prove he was there. She can’t even point to which house it was anyway. They didn’t interview just people that volunteered. The interviewed the alleged witness she provided. They all say the party didn’t happen. They were the only ones there, so how can anyone else be questioned?

This isn’t he said, she said. They literally can’t find a witness that places the 2 of them at the same party. All her witnesses say the party didn’t happen.

Strong, stern beginning…

Nice move, mentions daughter…

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too busy at work. didn’t follow anything.
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