How I've been spending my time - totally off topic

I’m a couch potato while my torn tendon heals.

Note the left foot with the evenup which raises my foot to match the boot. This is the most amazing device that prevents pain from walking at uneven foot heights.

uber and lyft have become my best friends.

Get well soon!!

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Nanomug…I remember have seen somebody on the street with that thingy…where?..Hmmm…:laughing:

I tore my calf muscle in Feb…lost a month of skiing… Rehab took another month…Definitely very important. …plus ice and elevation …the swelling causes the pain…Good excuse to lay around and do nothing. …lol…Geat well soon…The boot is amazingly effective. …much better than casts from the old days. .

Oh no!!! So sorry.

Stop kicking your spouses…:laughing:

Off topic.
I had a girlfriend, a psycho, believe me. I stood by her side no matter what because of her incapacity (deaf). She would yells, spit on me, kick me, threaten to commit suicide while I would hold the knife so she couldn’t hurt herself, etc.
One day, her older brothers comes and gave us the speech of the year, no discussions, no yelling, no touching, you name the good advise he gave us all.
6 months later his oldest kids called me, to let me know his dad was in jail. Once in his life time he raised his voice and argued with his wife. He punched the wall, a hole was there, and, he says, we never believed it, he threw a metal cup against the wall, it bounced and hit his wife on the head, causing her to bleed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The teacher got a lesson that day, staying one day in jail. Back then, the spouse could deny anything and you would walk free out of jail.

I believe it was her kids she was kicking…out…

Hope you to feel better soon!

Good one Terri. Buying, how many spouses do I have? LOL

Elevation, ice and rest along with anti inflamintory (oral and topical.). The boot is so much nicer/better than a cast.

I thinking Buying must have caught me the day I wore a dress for the first time in ages. Not just any dress, a tea length cocktail dress with lots of sparkly things. I don’t even remember having that dress but that day I got lots of odd looks. No one recognizes creativity anymore. :slight_smile: or perhaps they all knew I was out of clean clothes.

Had I noticed buying watching me in my lovely foot ware I would have had to demonstrate their 007 capabilities.

Two more weeks, another MRI and hopefully diligently following doctors orders will pay off.

Catching up on reading, resolving medical billing (I think I’m their unpaid employee) and thinking about what’s next.

The oldest has been an excellent helper as needed. He took me to the myofaxial specialist who asked how I got such a nice driver. He said “she pays my rent.” We all cracked up. His rent is not much.

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