How Long Household Appliances Are Supposed To Last

Appliances used to last 30 years. The modern electronic crap last only 10. I had a hot water heater in my last house in Tahoe that was made in 1972. Another with a floor updraft heater built in 1953. New hot water heaters last 8 years. HVAC Heaters 15.

Knock on wood, but my Noritz tankless water heater is over 10 years now…

Do you ever have it cleaned? I have one similar 13 years old, don’t know if ever cleaned

Yes, after installing the clean out valves which frankly may have been missed initially but certainly needed for code now, my guy siphoned through a couple of gallons of vinegar water to clear out the system. He said to do it ever so often. That little filter thingy did clog up with dirt over time.