How much do we owe you, Manch?

Hi Manch,

Since this dedicated real estate site is great and I am sure I and everyone else will benefit from the exchanges/info I would like to know if we owe you something for the cost(s) of maintaining this site??? Why don’t you set up a donation feature where we can Paypal you if we liked to? Yes, there would be no obligation but I don’t mind paying for something I find very useful and interesting. Just a thought…



I set it up on Digital Ocean. Cost is $20 a month. It’s not a big deal. People pay for all sorts of expensive hobbies, and mine only costs the same as 3 McDonalds trips. So no tips jar for now. I learned quite a lot setting it up. Web tech has progressed a great deal since the last time I tried anything. It was surprisingly easy to set everything up.


Thanks Manch! We appreciate it.

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Thanks for setting up the forum. One suggestion. In the upper left corner, there’s a link back to the start page.
The link is currently the “Discourse” logo, which one might expect to go to the forum software’s site, not to

Maybe put a generic icon “Home” there instead or just a text link “start page”?

Other than that, I like it better than redfin’s forum, several issues that they had are not problems with this software.

Thanks Manch.

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Right. :slight_smile: The software actually flags it as something to fix since day 1. But their logo is so lovely… Hesitant to replace it with my half-ass job. :smile:

OK. I just put a quick and dirty logo on. The free and rich resources on the web never cease to amaze me.


Ok, we are official now…

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One thing I like about this site is when you reply to a topic it takes you back to the page. On redfin if you press "back it takes you back to your reply. Here it takes you back to the main page. Much better.

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@manch Thanks a lot for creating the site. I used to occasionally browse the Redfin forums. Great to see another site with forums…

No problem!

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Thanks again Manch. In light of all that has been happening REF has been an incredibly valuable place for me to hear points of views and information. I’m glad you took the initiative.


No problem. Glad people find this site helpful. :grin:


We appreciate you allowing different points of view. Most Facebook forums are just echo chambers.