How much this flipper looking at

went to a open house today ,this one seller bought it like ~ 5 months ago for 950k, buyer/seller same agent. and today put up for sale again same agent too

addition of around 500 sq downstairs, added 2 rooms/1 bath

New listings

Old listings 4 months ago

redfin estimate couldn’t be any more off.

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wow, didn’t realize redfin sucks so bad, 2.4m hahaha

Flippers are hurting right now. Good luck with his one… hope he can make his money back…

i think if the agent is the flipper, he probably will get his labor comission back
do you know est, how much to build 500sq ft downstair cost nowdays?

If you do it right, will be costly…

This should sell around 1.15 to 1.25. The rooms downstairs were previously added so they did new kitchen and bath probably 70k of work. This agent is a flipper himself too

Yes agreed. Pressure mounting especially with high acquisition cost.

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i think the room was added by the agent themselves, 4 months ago the listing only listed 1060 without downstairs