How much to build a new home?


Say I buy a teardown on the peninsula, then want to build a new house. Say either 3br 2 bath 1500 sq ft, or 4/3 2000 sq ft.

What would the ranges for total construction cost be? Would plan for decent quality (not cheap out nor go high end).

And how long would it actually take to build?



Sincerely, avoid such things. Lessons learnt, hard to go through all builders issue…labor cost is high. Leave to professional builders or experienced builders.



Twice as much and twice as long to start with. Don’t build one time to save money. Build only if that’s the only way to be satisfied. Check out connect-homes and new avenue if you want to see some real world figures.



Lol good tips, thanks!



I checked out connect homes but didn’t see any prices listed. Maybe just a mobile browser issue



What’s the going rate now like $400/sq ft for a new construction with a nice finish?

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Probably. Hard to find reasonable contractors

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Try selecting the individual models - There is one model in Midtown Palo Alto the first block south of Middlefield. I think it was Cowper or Waverley. There is a Connect 2 ADU in Menlo Oaks in Menlo Park.



Yeah it’s cause I was looking in mobile view, I can see it when I switch to desktop



Has anyone actually tried using connect-homes? Looks interesting.



No, but there is one unit being put on Menlo Oaks Dr (500 block) in Menlo Park right now. I think JMCC out of Redwood City is the contractor involved. It’s been going on for awhile, at least 6 months I want to say. You can try reaching out to the contractor and connect-homes about it.



You’re probably looking at 600k minimum for any new construction. 1500sqft vs 2000sqft single story is not that much more relatively speaking. You still have to go through all the permitting and architecture and you will still have 1 kitchen, 1 furnace/AC etc. The cost would increase more substantially if you go from 1 to 2 story. I’d build the largest you can afford since building cost of 300 - 400/sqft is << $/sqft you can sell it for. The cost of materials whether going mid range vs high end is also not that much difference compared to the labor cost.

You can expect a year for construction only. The permit and design is totally variable depending on your city, architect and if you need to do a design review.



Connect Homes is mentioned in this article. They are building prefab homes in the North Bay after the fires. Kenwood fire survivors turn to modular homes to speed up rebuilding, lower cost



Investigate the market price of labor. It might go over 150,000$ to build a new house.