How Stonestown Galleria became a culinary destination

Politics divides people. Let’s talk about food instead.

Stonestown Galleria comes alive most during meal times, when the food courts swirl with photogenic hunks of Taiwanese fried chicken and taro-filled buns.

In recent years, the 66-year-old mall in the Outer Avenues has quickly and quietly become a top culinary destination in San Francisco, thanks to a flood of new restaurants that have brought crowds ready to line up for freshly made noodles, fruity boba tea and, most recently, Japanese souffle pancakes. As traditional retail struggles in the digital age, malls like Stonestown are turning more and more to food to get people off their laptops and through the doors.

Yi Fang is my wife’s most favorite milk tea. Technically it’s not really milk tea as there’s no milk in it:

Another recent attraction is Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea, which opened in December and has just one other Bay Area location in Berkeley. The Taiwanese chain serves its popular brown sugar pearl lattes — generously packed with unusually soft, warm boba — just four times per day: 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. It’s similar to Gram’s system, where only 30 orders of souffle pancakes are served three times per day.

Rope barriers are always set up to manage the Yifang crowds. An employee said they generally sell out of the brown sugar drinks after 30 minutes, and on weekends, after 15 minutes.

I’m done with Stonestown. They got rid of the burger joint I liked and replaced it with the overrated 85c bakery.

That burger joint is half dead every time I went past it on my way to Blaze Pizza, which is always full.

I hope Stanford mall goes in that direction.


Yup. Malls should be for “experience”, ie eating and socializing. Shopping at malls is dead.

Because most customers are the poor students from SF State who opted for the $2.5 Big Mac a few doors down. That burger joint had amazing potato tots :disappointed:

Time to go there to line up for the Japanese udon and pancakes. :smile:

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The Macy’s at Stonestown went down last year. They are busy tearing down the structure. @harriet told me they are going to put a Whole Foods there?

They’ll have to pay me to line up for publicity.

Don’t be a stubborn mule. You know you want those pancakes! :smile:

Pretty much know what it tastes like from the pictures. Pass. Generally I prefer savory over sweet.

I live close by stonestown malls and they have transformed themselves from an a dated mall to a trendy mall now, they have good long term vision .

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Possible. They just opened some interesting restaurants, like the Taro San Noodle Bar.

It made fresh udon noodles daily, in the front of the restaurant. We tried it once, pretty good.

Good to see Stonetown coming back to life… :rofl:

Another great mall revival was that Target mall in Sunnyvale on Lawrence. They tore down the old structure and put in some Santana-Row like open air retail-residential mix. How’s that mall doing now?

There’s even an Indian-Chinese restaurant there. I didn’t know Indian-Chinese cuisine is a thing until I ate there…

Only Stone I know,

There is a big student population and a huge Asian population there. Maybe they can use some ideas from dense Asian mega cities.

Is the board of Stupidvisors less restrictive to commercial development?