How To Be An Adult Class For Millennials

Oh, @harriet, what is going on???

How many millennials know what a library is or where the nearest one is?


Haha… an insult to young people.

What? What do you mean I have to carry that book home to read it? Doesn’t the library offer Amazon free fast delivery? NO???


Another example of wasted taxpayer money. Millennials don’t go to libraries.


Do millennials read books and NYT?

Got kicked out of a library in High school. Don’t really like em anymore.

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Digital books yes but even then not so much. NYT is fake news and millennials already read fake news on FB.


Sadly, yes, my millennial nephews and nieces rely on their parents or their cpas to do their fairly basic tax returns… I am sure our @harriet uses Turbo Tax or some variant to crunch out her returns…

I usually resort to Turbo Tax for the sake of time but did it the old fashion way before using pen and paper…time consuming but makes me more conscious about what I am paying and how the government rips me off.


More the reason to get some tax write-offs (hint, hint)

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How we don’t blame the parents of Millennials? They helped enabled us.

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It is the classic “should I be mean to my kids like my folks were to me or should I spoil them since I can now” story…Always err on the mean side and just dole out small amounts when they deserve it. That’s it. I know, luckily I didn’t become a parent…

Poor kids, having an example in the white house doesn’t help, does it?

I love how you always spin something here into politics when it has nothing to do the topic (millennials not doing their own tax returns in this case). Politicians were never my role models.


The country always follow the leader. I remember how they scalded Michelle Obama for trying to make our kids eat healthy food in school.

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Did you retire at such an elderly age? :rofl:

I think the problem is that people are working too hard. Smart phone and internet makes people age qiluckly and sadly.

Maybe we can set a daily time limit for everyone phone and set a daily time limit for each account at ISP. Once over the daily limit, phone will go sleep and internet will slow to crawl.

Wow, your thoughts never cease to astound me…

It’s for your benefit so you don’t need young blood injection prematurely