How to be Politically Correct

If you ever wondered how you can become more PC in order to aid your career path, take a lesson from Tim Cook:

I’m not a fan of PC. However it’s wise to obey the law. In this case, Cook is actually sacrificing PC and favoring the law.

There’s nothing wrong with abiding by the law.

Apparently Cook has a good EQ

PC and EQ complement each other. They are never in conflict.

Sweet talking and PC are not exactly the same. Good EQ will keep you under control so that you would say what people like to hear, not what’s really in your mind.

Hillary has good EQ, always PC (well, she did say deplorable, which is not sweet, but probably not too much PIC)

Trump also has good EQ, but often PIC

If Trump has good EQ, then he is PC. If he is not PC, then he has bad EQ.

He cannot have good EQ but not PC.

You want to do business in another nation, you obey the laws of the land, no if or but.

As for PC and EQ, do you want to be Yue Fei or Qin Gui?
Under an outstanding emperor, Li Shimin, not so PC Wei Zheng thrives. Whereas the not so PC Yue Fei, the greatest general then, was killed by the emperor.

Sorry to say that Yue Fei had a low EQ and was not PC at the time. During his time the PC thing to do was to seek peace with the Jurchens, not fighting against them. Qin Hui had high EQ and was PC. So he ended up being victorious.

Of course, we now interpret the story very differently today and Qin is portrayed as a traitor and Yue the hero. There is no conflict here because what is PC can change over time. Having a high EQ means one should always adhere to the PC standards of the time to maximize his success.

[quote=“wuqijun, post:7, topic:2812”]
There is no conflict here because what is PC can change over time.[/quote]Over time and culturally.

[quote=“wuqijun, post:7, topic:2812”] Having a high EQ means one should always adhere to the PC standards of the time to maximize his success.
[/quote]That’s depend on your principles. Your definition is correct if to survive is most important. However, for Yue Fei, not to tarnish his name in history is more important. In any case, Yue Fei is honored by the next emperor under the tacit agreement of the abdicated emperor that killed Yue Fei.

Well if Yue really had a high EQ, he would’ve been able to manipulate his way to safety rather than being put to death. He was a very idealistic person, not pragmatic at all.

Did you study his poem? Apparently he wanted to eat the flesh of his enemies and drink their blood. Hmm… good poem :slight_smile:

Poems are fake. He is not 文.

Idealistic people change the world :slight_smile:

Mao Zedong was an idealistic person whereas Deng Xiaoping was a pragmatic person. They both changed the world. Mao in a bad way; Deng in a good way.

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Average person needs to be PC compliant. However, truely extraordinary redefines PC and sometimes overturns PC. Cook needs PC and Jobs did not.

Trump could be redefining PC if he will be successful. But with the way media operates, his redefinition will be limited.

Obama also redefined PC but he was just continuing the trend and making it more extreme. What trump does is reverse the trend. With limited presidential power, it remains to be been how much he can change culture

Mao and Deng totally redefined PC for their era. They changed a country upside down.

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Tim Cook should be president some day. No clue is he’s interested in it, but I think he’s the perfect blend of being financially sound while caring for people.

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That would make him the first gay president.


Agree. That would be good for USA.

[quote=“wuqijun, post:14, topic:2812, full:true”]
That would make him the first gay president.
[/quote]I oppose anything gay but won’t discriminate against them.

oppose + not discriminate = oxymoron

You want him to 自污? That would tarnish his name, is exactly what he doesn’t want to do. His motto is duty, honor, country. He won’t betray his nation, his people and the emperor. He chose to die. Do you know that the entire family of Qin Hui was killed by the next emperor under the tacit agreement by the abdicated emperor who was still alive then and in fact live for another 20+ years. Located by Hangzhou’s West Lake, you can see statues of Qin Hui, Lady Wang, and two of Qin Hui’s subordinates, Moqi Xie and Zhang Jun (Chinese: 張俊), were made to kneel before Yue Fei’s tomb. For centuries, these statues have been cursed, spat and urinated upon by young and old.

[quote=“wuqijun, post:16, topic:2812, full:true”]
oppose + not discriminate = oxymoron
[/quote]You can’t navigate the co-existence of the two attitudes?

No, can you be a man and a woman at the same time?

Ok, back to Yue Fei… what I meant was that he was a tragic hero. Tragic heros are tragic because of their low EQ and inability to cope with the situation at hand. Tragic heroes are usually very gifted in one area but seriously lacking in another. Yue Fei was gifted in the battlefield but had a bad strategy dealing with the system. If he had better EQ, he would’ve been able make peace with the emperor and other people in court, which was actually much more important than winning in the battlefield.

Not sure whether it is called EQ or not. Yue Fei is insensitive, arrogant and insubordinate. The Song emperor was tolerant and benevolent but not very capable (he knew it and abdicated to his adopted son even though he is still very healthy). The only emperor that I can think of capable of managing him is Li Shimin, even Liu Bang would kill him just like he killed Hanxin.