How to get rid of Honey Bee - nesting?

The flowering season results a new colony of honey bee nesting at my home roof top (red arrow) as given below.

It does not harm us now, but this may increase the activities and completely swarm our attic (with lot of struts and beams) crawl space.

Bees are protected it seems in california, pesticides team declined to help, except bee keeper. So far, received two quotes around $1200 and $1500 as free bee keeper won’t go up to roof (20 ft height).

What is the best way to get rid of it? Will they vanish after flowering season?

Once I have a nest but disappear after a few months. Since then no more.

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You could don a protective suit, get a scissor lift and nail painted wooden planks over those holes yourself. Better done after bee season.

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Contact Buyinghouse. He is handy on a ladder.

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There are friend of honey bees and can come to collect these bees for free . I paid $500 once just so that I could save the precious lives of these creatures . Saving their lives will earn you rela good karma .


Maybe just let it go. They’re not structural pests. Removal from that space is difficult and killing them is a mess. I worked in a building where they exterminated a bee hive in the crawl space below the roof. Without the bees to cool things in summer all the honeycomb melted. We had sugary wax dripping through the ceiling for years.

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