How to get rid of rats in the backyard?

Any experience to get rid of rats in the backyard which is most likely coming from neighbor’s yard? I feel that this is a neighborhood problem so there’s is no way to solve. It’s a tough neighborhood so no expectations for neighbor cooperation. Tenant reports about the rat every time when she saw one and I really want to solve the problem.

Will a pest control guy help in this case?

Use poison

Do you have any ivy or similar plants?

Yes, they will help.

A very small backyard and there’s only a small tree there, mostly cement, I don’t know what kind the tree is.

Seems that I should call a pest control guy to protect the backyard from neighbor’s rat invasion. Tenant has little kids, I don’t want to do anything myself.

Already bought electronic mouse repeller and plugged into the wall outlets indoor. The repeller is well reviewed at Amazon, but it might not be powerful enough to protect the backyard

Do you have outdoor outlets? If so, get another one for outside.

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The repeller comes in 6 pack, but unfortunately I don’t have any outdoor outlet. They should have built one for pest control.

All the solar pest repellers get bad reviews so I won’t buy them until they make it better

My dad used one of those repellers in. 40x60 barn. It did the job.


Maybe the wall weakened the ultrasonic waves so the backyard is not protected. I’ll try to find stronger ones.

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I get a service contract including a few visits. If your tenant likes the idea let him call the service. There may be more but the tenant will accept that you have tried. Other choice is allow a cat. Works every time.


Tenant doesn’t want pet and I’m glad that they do not. :rofl:

Yes, I think the tenant is expecting a monthly pest control. I just think it’s not cost effective and not environment friendly. Let’s see, maybe I’ll have to provide a monthly pest control if nothing works

Paid $400-$500 for pest control. Can claim anyway.

Monthly? Rats are rare. Just do one-time to make tenants happy that’s all. Didn’t catch rats. Btw, referring to SV rental. Nothing of such sort in Austin. Rats, ants and termites issues are nearly unheard of in Austin… so far, all my rentals don’t have such issues.

What claim?

Deduct as expenses.

What about a skunk? I think there’s one underneath my tenant’s place. Sigh…

Try putting peanut butter in the ratholes. I heard it helps drive them away. One disadvantage of outright poison is that either rats then die in pipes/attic/crawlspace and stink up the place or they die in the open and are eaten up by owls/cats/eagles who then die as well.

I don’t about rats but the mice in my property loved peanut butter. I used primarily peanut butter for the snap traps. It worked like a charm.

Our Experience with the Rat Zapper
My brother introduced me to the Rat Zapper. You put some bait in the reusable trap, and when the rat walks into the trap, electricity–8000 volts, if you believe that–from the batteries electrocutes the rat in a few seconds. Then, all you do is dump the rat out of the trap into the garbage.

My father in-law had a rat problem: rats were getting into his hot tub, and making a new nest in the cabinet of his barbecue every few days. I sent him a Rat Zapper as a gift and he reports that he killed over 50 rats with it. Presumably he replaced the batteries several times: four AA batteries are supposed to be good for 20 kills.

Biconet, which sells the Rat Zapper and other integrated pest management tools, argues that a zapper it is safer to use around children and pets than poison or traps, because its entrance is designed to admit nothing bigger than a rat, and if a dog or child did put a paw or finger inside, the electric shock should trigger a reflex causing the child or dog to pull away from the trap.

I think the Rat Zapper is the way to go. The only disadvantage is that it is not designed for use outdoors, and moisture could short it out. Nevertheless, Biconet says to cover it with a plastic bag or tarp and go ahead and use it outside.

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