How to Retire at 40


Chengdu is the city once you have been there and you won’t want to back.


Now you understand why @wuqijun is so angry… :smile:


@manch and @hanera, my brother does have a wife and 2 kids. And he’s not nearly as salacious as you two… :slight_smile:


I figured he’d be in Dongguan.


My sister-in-law already has a solution to that (she vowed to keep all the rentals to herself and will not give any away to that second wife)…


My wife told me I was not allowed to go to either dongguan or Shenzhen by myself. :cry:


She should learn to let go…


Why let the best man on earth go? :smile:


Oh ok… :rofl:


If you are indeed the best man then self control should not be an issue.


It’s the self control of the women my wife worries about. :smile:


Dang, back in the day I was told Suzhou was the place for beautiful girls. Hangzhou I liked too but for the boulevard or area that looks like you are in Paris. Oh well, on that only trip to China I met the local folks who introduced me to my wife. Win!!!


So China was your lucky charm. Maybe you shouldn’t badmouth it so much.



  1. the introducers are Sunseters
  2. the wife is Malaysian and was living in Outer Sunset
  3. I met her in the Sunset

If anything, the Sunset should get the credit…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Your brother went there to look for the 2nd? Or does he stay there to be with the 2nd?

What if your sister in law cut off his rent check? The 2nd may go away with the rent check :rofl:


Never heard of that one - I thought Chengdu is famous for pandas.


That’s why you hire a property management company.


Panda is codeword for pretty girls.


American women cut off more than rent checks when a guy is cheating on us. Better watch out.


Panda Express???