How to Retire at 40


“Fundraising” is the term he’s looking for.


Some non profit raise money and then spend 80% of the raised money on employees, only 20% on the advertised cause. I think that’s advanced begging by well educated elites


Used to donate a lot to such philanthropy, stop after hearing the same story as you pointed out. Now give directly like those christmas tree asking for specific christmas present.


Use the charity navigator. BTW sometimes it makes sense and is acceptable for charity to spend most of the money on their own people when the people are involved in getting the right aid to the group and they are not overpaid (vs charities that pay their execs exorbitant amounts)

It tells you how the charity is run and how it is rated/reviewed


Agree with BA_lurker regarding looking it up in Charity Navigator.

Also, some places do counselling or free medical, so in those cases, employee pay is still a directly benefitting the clients.

Good signs:

  1. Infrequent mailings and they don’t send freebees in the mail (nickels, pennies, angels, etc.)
  2. Smaller orgs run a tighter ship. I knew a guy running a non-profit who made maybe 1/5 of what the big-league ones do. There’s a huge variation in CEO and employees salary.
  3. They rarely advertise on TV or in magazines.
  4. They’re happy to accept volunteer hours from you stuffing envelopes or other work.
  5. They didn’t use funds to pay off a mistress or source items from a family-owned company (aka “Food for the Poor”)