How to Retire at 40


Google translates into “Dazhi Ruoyu”. Might be for the higher intelligence audience from Mars


大 = Very, high
智 = Intelligence
若 = like
愚 = dumb, foolish

Dazhi Ruoyu - Pronunciation in Mandarin


Can you give a few examples of famous person who is 大智若愚? Washington? Gandhi?


None. A famous person can be dumb, but cannot look dumb.


Here you are, retired ! Your time 24x7 is available for you.

I am not academically talking, but practically when you work for income, “your time is not yours”. W2 is one form of earning, 1099 is another, corp is yet another form of income seeking work. If your business needs your time or you feel restless with your business for want of time, you are active, not retired.


What percentage of people enjoy working a W2 job? What percentage prefer 1099? and what percentage prefer retired and only funemployment?






Very good. It’s good that you have come to acknowledge the reality of enslavement that you entered into called “marriage”.


I don’t care how the money arrives at my door–W2 or 1099. Just send it on over please!


Easy Income -> Backbreaking Income:

Stock dividends -> rents collected from rentals -> beg for money -> W2s


Honestly, I’d take a W2 before I go begging for money. In Tech it pays better, and it’s indoors, heated, with free coffee and snacks.


My post was supposed to be figurative, not literal… :rofl:


All true, but go easy on the snacks. :smile:


That’s why begging might be a healthier lifestyle… :rofl:


If you don’t get pneumonia.


Sorry, I thought you were being serious. :stuck_out_tongue:


All my comparisons are literal except the begging part… :smile:


Close this topic please. I don’t see anybody 39 years of age commenting. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Begging money means electronic online begging, not the low tech street begging. Non profit is also begging money with decency


Is called asking for donations :sweat_smile: