How To Take Control Of Your Life With $1 Million

I know you guys are going to sign up for it. Bad news for you. There’s a 5 year waiting list :rofl:

Each year Tony Robbins, best-selling author and speaker, takes on seven high-profile clients, which include tennis champion Serena Williams and award-winning actor Hugh Jackman.

To get his one-on-one training, it costs $1 million and there is a five-year wait list, he recently revealed while speaking at a three-day training event in Florida.

While most professionals don’t have the money for that kind of training, he doesn’t keep his strategies secret. At the Florida event, part of which streamed on Facebook, Robbins shared one of his top tips for reducing fear and stress.

The strategy is called priming, or conditioning yourself to react to events in a certain way.

“If you’re going to get the results that you deserve and that you want, you want to prime yourself for success,” he said. "You need a daily practice, a daily practice that’s going to put you in the best state possible regularly.

This guy is so expensive to listen, and by that I mean either by paying to listen to him in person, or not paying attention to his advice.

His words for this 2017.

Word to check out. Debit card building a FICO score. Watch carefully, as I said before, everybody, including me, are in the business to make a buck, but some of us, to not say you, are not that honest.

So, be aware, don’t trust everybody, the same way you wouldn’t be trusted if you are a crook.

Robbins, Orman, Rich man Poor man…all scammers

But someone becomes richer when attending their seminars, the guy giving the seminar…:sweat_smile:

Like those poor souls attending the real estate seminars “I got money to share, buy a property in your area with my money”. :laughing: