How's Belmont & San Carlos?

After looking at a few properties in San Carlos & Belmont, that area is starting to grow on me and my wife with different style of housing than typical ranch style in South Bay. With some stroll-able downtown and possible commute to SF (for future job location). And with the good school score.

But downside are hard to find Asian grocery stores, less Asian population (in school). Quite a few are in Belmont and some area in San Carlos are hilly. I don’t mind some hill, but I don’t enjoy a lot of windy road.

I figure I asked my trusted advisors to see if you guys have any experience or thought about that two town.

Some of the interesting listings:

Are you kidding me? Did you see the address on the second link? “Winding way” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Last year, I was looking for my son, now we dropped that idea, and came to know the prices are as high as Cupertino/Sunnyvale areas. This is tough at good school areas around Belmont. The lot sizes are smaller than south bay, but prices are higher.

During 2008-2011, this area dropped by foreclosures, but they recovered faster as Lot of tech companies, limited homes are coming to the market.

Any home on the west of 101 is normally desirable area, any homes around 280 hwy are too good and expensive.

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I bid on one house in Belmont and one in San Carlos and lost both. :sob: That was back in 2010 or so. Yes, I like that area a lot. At that time my wife was still working in SF and I in Santa Clara, so Belmont/San Carlos is a perfect midpoint.

Most of Belmont is hilly with windy road but if you stick to areas close to the main roads it’s not too bad. The Belmont house I bid on was near 92 and Ralston. The roads are not windy at all and the house has incredible canyon view. I still think about that house from time to time. And it always makes me sad… :cry:

Like this house for example:

Half of San Carlos goes to Carlmont High, and the other half goes to Sequoia. When I was shopping the Carlmont part is more desirable. Not sure if that’s still the case. SC is becoming PA Jr. People who are put off by PA price have chosen to buy in SC instead. Much less hilly than Belmont but then the view is much less awesome.

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If you buy near 92 and Ralston you can go to San Mateo or even Foster City for asian grocery. Not as convenient as Cupertino but better than PA, right? Where do PA people go for Chinese grocery?

Probably Mountain View? There is Ranch 99 there.

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View from the pool is awesome. Look at the slope of the street. But at least it has side walk!

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Slope? Cmon man that’s what we call flat up here in SF. :smile:

Now I remember. The house I bid and lost is on Bishop Rd, right next to Skymont Dr. It’s right in front of a canyon, and there is a trail head at the end of the street. You can literally go for a hike in the wilderness right there. Very cool location.

That might be good location to quickly jump onto 92 or 280. That area seems not bad with not too winding road, just slope (or flat land as your call in SF :roller_coaster:). I couldn’t stand those without sidewalk or for guests to park. My wife love the above Winding way, but I think it is too much to get in and out of that area.

San Carlos above seems not bad similar to your previous bid.

  1. My relatives live there. It’s easy access to foster city marina supermarket (quick 10 mins drive if you shop grocery on the weekend) and there are lots of chinese restaurant from near 92 and san mateo.

  2. Not really sure if that’s the case. Depends on which area you compared to. It’s not cupertino, but also not white like menlo park. I think it’s a healthy balance of different ethnic groups.


Thanks for sharing. I was relying on this: (Asian alone: 12%) (Asian alone: 23%)

I like how @manch call SC as PA Jr. Maybe that’s what it is happening now.

Why call San Carlos a Palo Alto Jr? There is a SC realtor talking about PA Jr, but I do not know why. Is it just a self-promotion?

I picked up the PA Jr line from someone. I wish I am that original. :slight_smile:

Overall population ratio is less important that of school age children. Peninsula used to be almost all white back in the days, but now many young Asian families are moving in. So I’d double check census data of young children.

In terms of Asian percentage in the peninsula, Foster City 44%, Millbrae 42%. School percentage is even higher.

Redwood Shores also has many Asians, but it’s part of RWC.

PA has 27%, higher than SC, SM and Belmont.

Seems Asians are not fan of hills. Places popular with Asians are mostly flat and easily accessible. Even in SF, the hilly part is mostly white. Usually homes on hills appreciate less quickly but they are still the most expensive.

Yea, I tried that too, but data source is 3 yrs old: (8%) (18%)

Let me know if anyone know any up-to-date resource.

A lot of these areas are closing the pricing gap with PA. The price points aren’t that much cheaper are they? Especially if you leave out the historically exclusive parts of PA, generally the 94301 zip code.

SC has the good schools and the downtown draw. BM I don’t know what draw there is. Is it value relative to SC and closeness?

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Leaving Palo Alto, Foster City and Belmont are good for schools and Asian competition is too high in this area.

Burlingame also has 20% Asian population. Historically, Burlingame seems to be better regarded, but appreciation in SC/Belmont/FC seems to be better in recent years. Is Burlingame undervalued?

Burlingame is expensive (not undervalued) and competition is low. The crowd is behind low cost good school locations.

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