Huawei ban

Intel said Huawei ban is wrong

“A more constructive approach, where we can find solutions to address cyber hygiene in Huawei’s networks, in a positive way and informative way, so that there’s more testing in their networks, would be more effective, rather than a sledgehammer approach that wipes out their business here,” said Cleveland.

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My mood has grown darker the past couple weeks. Globalization is unraveling, nationalism is rising everywhere, and with it comes ever more severe authoritarianism. China has concluded it should stop opening up because embedding itself in an open, globally interdependent system means it could easily be attacked by the US, as the Huawei ban shows.

The world has become a darker place. Really sad… :cry:

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The next prong of American attack will be financial. The two most potent weapons America has are semiconductors and USD-based financial system. The latter is 10x more lethal than the first.

Banning Huawei from US networks is one thing. “Murder” is totally different story

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“If a stranger knocks at your door, you don’t have to let them in, but do you have the right to take a gun and shoot them?”

Trump did worse. He went into other people’s house and start shooting randomly.

“We are paying a short-term cost but the long-term cost would be yet greater,” Allen said.

“He’s burning bridges with a lot of trading partners, which is going to cost us over the long run.”

“If a tariff is used strategically and surgically to address an unfair trade practice, you have this short-term disruption and short-term inconvenience and higher prices along the way, but ultimately in service of addressing a problem. That’s what I don’t see this current administration doing … it’s more like a battle of egos and a battle of wills,” she added.

Trump’s ban will cost Huawei $30 billion in the next 2 years per year, total $60 billion less revenue. Its annual revenue is about $100 billion, less than half of Apple. Its profit could be a lot less than Apple.

Huawei could become something like Samsung over the years.

Washington fears that Beijing could use its equipment to spy on other nations and it’s been pressuring allies to shut the company out of next generation super-fast 5G wireless networks.

Same can be said of any nations’ equipments :thinking:

Chips designed with American software, British IP, and manufactured in Taiwanese fab equipped with American, European and Japanese equipments.

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Talking for Trump? How much he pays you?

Facts are facts, whether you agree with them or not.

I am not aware of any English media coverage, but the biggest story on huawei is blowing up right now inside China. Here’s a short twitter thread. It seems it’s not an isolated instance. Another person stepped forward saying he was detained for 90 days for crossing the company.