HVAC technician recommendations

Anyone have good recommendations for HVAC technicians in the Bay area/east bay?
I need to install a new furnace (and possibly AC) in one of my rentals (The house isn’t very big ~1200 sq ft).
The quotes I’m hearing are making me weep.
11000$ to 18000$ for only a new furnace in the attic with ductwork OR ~18000$ for ductless heat pump.

I installed a new gas furnace and AC last year for only 7k, for both material and labor. How come it’s up to 18K now for just a furnace? Here’s my AC guy’s Yelp page. They did great work.

I got all my contractors thru Yelp these days. Just shoot out a bid request and multiple vendors will respond. Very convenient.


I reduced scope of work to a single 50k BTU wall furnace that should be good enough for the entire house. I compared Fuze HVAC (who I’ve used before elsewhere) and Reliable. Reliable was cheaper by 40% - approx 3400$.
I am going with Reliable Air. Thank you @manch.
I’ll report back on quality of work later.