I love you Bay Area


When your dentist casually shows this in his office. Feels right at home among my own people.


You need a new dentist. No point in getting all political especially while they work on your teeth.


He’s my new dentist in San Mateo. Pretty awesome actually.


Cool. Did you move to San Mateo instead of Millbrae?


I go from SF to San Mateo to see my dentist.


I bet that dentist didn’t include in that book the best poem from the tantrum kid in the white house “get that son of a bi…out of here!”

If it doesn’t, I may like to read it, though I know all the vulgarities the so called precedent has said. Even something republican women here should be afraid, no, let me rephrase it, they hypocritically would refuse to admit he said it. Something he said about women and grabbing their…for respect I would say “little cats”. Something, any mother would grab their daughters and put their hands on their ears so they can’t listen to such vulgarity.

Right ladies?

Yes, America is getting great again…greatly disrespected that is. We are the laugh of the world, we have a clown in the white house. And a very clownish, dangerous, lunatic, fear monger, racist and misogynist president.

And that guy is working on fixing and educating our country? Really?

The end!


Why the long distance dentist? Is SF short of good dentists? You can go to UCSF if you can’t locate a good dentist in the city.


The topic is that book.