I passed by this house everyday at Hayward Hills

This listing does a nice job showing how the Hayward Hills looks like nowadays.



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How’s he price up there now? I think they built some new mansions up there?

It’s listed for $1,899,880. Lucky numbers.

Pretty nice…let’s see what it goes for.

The video has amazing production quality. Haven’t seen any Bay Area homes done professional videos like that.

Indeed. The Youtube video is very professionally done.

I guess it is because this house is listed under the ‘Coldwell Banker Global Luxury’ program, which is specialized for luxury homes around the world.

The website they created for this home is pretty impressive as well.


$2M for 848 sq ft in Sunnyvale vs $2M for this house in Hayward. Location vs house.

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Close to 1.6 in 2014. Didn’t go up that much in 3.5 years.

Hayward hills is a strange place. It provides good values since you can still get a very decent house for under 1 million, but people are not rushing to buy there so prices are always kept in check. I suppose it’s because there is still a steady supply of vacant land that puts brakes on price increases.

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I wonder if the school rankings are keeping the pricing lower there. Sort of reversed from what we are seeing in Fremont, where the prospects of better schools there are pulling up the values.

As far as I know… :slight_smile:

Most of the families at Hayward Hills have their kids go to private schools at Castro Valley (there is a scenic backroad between Hayward Hills and Castro Valley.)

Stonebrae itself has a Stonebrae Elementary School, which has an infamous Mandarin Dual Language program.

Hayward Hills is also the home of the California State University, East Bay.

Right, and I figured they would in such a setting but if you look at other cities in the Bay Area where the public schools are prime (Cupertino, Saratoga, Palo Alto, etc) I am thinking people would be more inclined to buy there (causing prices to go up) if the schools were good and free. Just a theory…

Why is it that when I see this post I read “I pissed”? :sweat_smile: