I Thought Everyone Likes Costco?

Guess not…

You missed the neighborhood on Hamilton Avenue area (Campbell) bitching about In and Out coming to their turf, about 6+ months ago.

Sure, everyone loves Costco. Just not in their back yard. Ya know?

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South Lake Tahoe rejected them … now all that sales tax money goes to. Carson City… smooth move Elax


I do not like Costco.

There I said it.

But if you had one open up on a major road nearby, I probably wouldn’t care.

I can see why people dislike In and Out burger–a LOT of traffic and sometimes backed up. The biggest problem is when they’re sharing a space with other retailers–like the In-and-out in Millbrae where the Panera bread is. Nightmare trying to park there because the In-and-out drive thru line is blocking a ton of spots which just go empty because not many people are insane enough to attempt to park in them. They have their place, but they need a lot of parking/space around them.

I bought my new desktop computer last Friday. It comes today, very fast shipping.

I love Costco.

If you are broke, easy to sneak in, as I did many times many years ago, and eat for free there. :grin::grin::grin:

I don’t see why In-n-Out burger puts most of their units in a smaller shopping center without much parking so it disrupts the center so much. I used to think it was just a couple of units in San Jose but We have two in the San Diego area that are the same set up.

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They probably get cheaper rent, and they’ll be just as busy in the location with less overall traffic.

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Well, that goes without saying but I would argue that most Costcos are in industrial or business/commercial areas.

I love Costco. If was homeless I would live there. Free food samples… sleep in the racks…

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Everyone here is being so dumb about it - we already voted to approve it and a small group of people are bitter and won’t let it go

It’s a constant next door post discussion in Pleasanton

Frankly, is it the folks who do live next to it or what??? Yes, there is an increase in traffic, but again usually it is in an industrial or commercial area.

Livermore and Dublin has more land, why do they need another Costco in Pleasanton? Not a good idea to have another Costco when there is already one in Livermore.

Costco is not good to make a city high end. It drags the city down.

What, there is nothing wrong with Costco…Way better than Walmarts or Targets…

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beat you to it…:grin:

Dude don’t you work!
Quit slacking like me. lol :grin:

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I have multiple monitors in front of me and it is lunch after all…