I want to be a retired sanitation worker in New York

A retired sanitation worker in New York in pulling in 285k per year from their retirement system. I need to know how I can jump on the bandwagon.


Pension is a financial liability that all government and corporate should stop.
Is USG still creating new pension?

My hero!!!


The BART Janitor


That’s why the NY pension system is bankrupt.

The dad of my college gf was a school teacher. He taught HS and evening classes at the CC. He had enough paid time off to take his final year off at the HS and get paid for the full year. He was going to teach full-time at the CC that year. Pension is based on the average of your 3 highest years pay. He knew exactly how much it’d increase his pension.

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Places where there is pension, people collaborate to jack up the pay of those about to be pensioners in the last few years. Everybody think it is the government who is paying, didn’t realize they are burdening the future taxpayers.