Ice Boy of China

:cry: :cry: :cry:


And you wonder why I love this country and the Fab 7x7 especially? This is where our ancestors came in search of the Gold Mountain. They worked their arses off to get a piece, a very small piece, but a very important piece.

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Next time you see a homeless panhandles in SF remember the ice boy. He who walks an hour in snow to school.


I have no sympathy for panhandlers when our peeps are doing this for what a few dollars…



Most SF panhandlers I saw in SF are men in 30s or 40s. They look pretty strong to me and double the size of the Chinese woman above. Kick these men out of the country and import more of the hardworking Chinese ladies.


What? That’s racist. How dare you trying to kick white people out and import more yellow perils in? :rofl:

He did not say “white men”, he just mentioned “men”. So Manch committed gender discrimination. And you added racial part.

So a more accurate accusation is sexist instead of racist.

Homeless is mostly men. How is the radical breakup?

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Well, let’s not get into racism if we can avoid it, but…the guys I see collecting cans, may be on welfare or on public assistance. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense, not enough cans to make a living. I may be wrong.

The guy who once came to trespass on my property alleging the driveway up to the very front of my kitchen window was “not mine, but his”, well, he is driving a better car than me, and lives in a not expensive but nice apartment nearby. To the nice point that he has an electric bicycle to go from bin to bin :laughing:

By the way, it is not about races about these people collecting cans for a half/living. It is about the sense that this administration won’t allow people like them to come to the US anymore. They are not your high techie, right?

There’s a…sorry but I have to mention it…a Vietnamese lady who walks on the streets of ESJ. She wears and puts make up on her face equivalent to a clown. I am not kidding you! She goes and crosses the streets, puts herself in the middle of the 2 lanes, and start asking for $1 to everyone. She knows English and Spanish asking questions.

Oh, poor lady you would say, right? Nope! She is a “lender” to anyone who needs money, yes, she is rich. I saw her a year ago in Walmart. She was well dressed, and the limping she uses to cause pity was gone. :sweat_smile:

By the way, they say most of the homeless population in CA, be in SF or somewhere else is a byproduct of the heroin epidemic in the red states. They are either sending their sick people, or these people are smelling the coffee of the rich and famous in SF and throughout California.

Well, yes, there is past evidence of cities sending their sick to the Fab 7x7. Everyone and their mother knows we are soft and welcoming to all…

A truly generous city will accept the whole world’s sick and tired. Contribute your tent and sleeping bag please. But keep them away from Kim and Leno’s house.

(Kim and Leno, not signed)

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Fine (which is why the Fab 7x7 is so revered) but you have to be reasonably clean, not do drugs/alcohol/weed and contribute positively to society in some way. I don’t care what it is, but do something positive or constructive!!!

A truly generous city will accept the sick and the deranged even if they stick a hundred needles into their bodies everyday and dump their excrement into the street with every passing hour… I’m extremely proud of my city’s generosity. :rofl:

I thought manch is advertising the tenacity of Chinese :neutral_face: You mean he is asking for pity and handout, and feel proud to be taken in like dogs and scavengers ! Feel insulted. I would stay and fight to improve the quality of life in my homeland and not feel proud accepted to a foreign country. Very very insulted :rage:

Yes, but there is this thinking about carbon footprint. We can no longer have people who simply use up resources or impose their will/lifestyles on others without ramifications. The planet is too crowded as it is. It really does boil down to this. That is why an advanced society does not tolerate any one lunatic to be able to impart such pain and hardship on others by allowing said lunatic the access to weapons of mass destruction. Yes @marcus335, that means military grade guns!!!

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A truly generous city also accept mentally illed and dangerous criminals with their arms. Selective charity is not a true charity. Challenge yourself and be truely generous

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If the earth is too crowded, you should give everyone guns as a means of population control.

Ah, but that would not be consistent with said advanced society. An individual of such an advanced society frankly would not want the responsibility (nor has the time or interest) of wielding such barbaric instruments of death. Remember, accidents can and do happen. Eliminate the accidents by removing the instrument, not the members of society.