If Data By Transit Stops Interest You

this is a great article with chock full of useful information for you to chew on. There goes that lovely PA again…

Have seen this a couple months ago, very interesting.

My friend who works in SF moved to pittsburg last year from walnut creek, adds 20 min to his commute and can live at 50% of the cost!.

I am sure there are many other factors but one way to look at it.

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Yeah, so I don’t want to hear from folks who are not willing to suck it up and make the sacrifices to get a relatively cheap home in the Bay Area. There are ways to own here. It is just a matter of what you are willing to do for it.

Once again Castro Valley is a hidden gem. Schools are not bad and houses are affordable. It even has its own BART station. What more can you ask for??

No doubt, Castro Valley has been discovered. Coworker lives there and has seen increased traffic where before not so much. She was also looking for fixers and said prices have jumped.

Plus it has Dougs place…much better than Dennys

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Sorry, @manch…your secret 5 star, go to place for fine dining is out…

Trullia just released a new tool if you want to analyze rents by transit sites.

Hey Trulia, your data is lagging. I get this on my phone today as available yet it is actually already sold per Redfin. WTF??? Actually pretty decent deal no? I don’t think that is a typo - the lot is 16.6K sq ft!!!


Does seem like a good deal. What about rents?

These numbers seem off; probably failed to account for the number of bedrooms. Too bad they don’t have anything for Seattle.

Well, SFH and I don’t know Castro Valley rental market at all. Can’t be too bad I would think. The lot size is the draw for me. Remember, I grew up in the City in the hard concrete. Any semblance of a yard or extra parking/driveway rates bonus points with me!