Ignore feature?

@manch Is there a way to add an “ignore” feature for specific members to the site?


Don’t ignore me :scream:


Who is it that you’d like to ignore? :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is a user-level ignore feature. We do have thread level mute. For people tired of politics for example they can mute anything labeled politics. We also have post flagging. Any post flagged by 3 members will be automatically hidden. Here’s how flagging works:

“Ignore” or “block” can be added to the discourse software. If you are a rails ninja please volunteer. I am not good at web stuff. Too old. :older_man:

Hmm, who is doing the work if you are not? Did you hire somebody from a remote country?

Open source software to save the day.

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So far I mostly sit back and don’t do much moderating. I zapped a few spammers here and there but this site has been fairly tolerant. It does have a wide range of opinions.

If folks are bothered by some posts or behavior definitely flag them. I actually don’t read every post so I may not even know what’s going on. You can also engage the posters too by telling them what they did is not cool and why. @ me if you think I should know about it.

This community is fairly small and dare I say intimate? We can make it work. :muscle:

There’s a member lounge where you can post things for just regulars. If the person you’re hoping to ignore is a regular then it wouldn’t be helpful!

Make a post disappear if 3 or more people flag.

If a poster gets 5 posts removed, suspend by 1 month. If 10 posts removed, suspend by 2 months. For every 5 posts removed, add one more month of suspension.

It’s automatically done today. Just that too few people bother to flag.

If you are going to implement auto post removal or even auto user suspension, you better make sure the rule will not be abused by the bad guys. After all, creating a couple dozens faked accounts to flag stuffs is not hard.
In Lithium forum, the old vendor for Redfin, Administrator can grant certain moderation privileges to only super users (like people will 50 real posts or so on). I am not sure discourse provide that or not. If it does, that may be what you can consider.

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Yes. It is there. You can mute a user.

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That only suppresses notifications though. You can still see the muted users’ posts.

The auto post deletion is built into the discourse software. By default only users of trust level 1 or above can do flagging. Fake accounts with little or no activity can’t flag. If that is not enough we can raise to even higher trust level.