I'm Rich Now. It's Weird

Then, last year, a friend called and said, “Are you ready to be a millionaire? Check the news.” That’s how I learned my company was IPO-ing. I had no idea. I would be making north of $6 million.

“San Francisco feels like it has peaked and is going downward. I walk my dogs at 10 p.m., and I don’t feel fully safe, and I think that’s unsustainable.”

“So it’s always been in the back of my mind that I want somebody who’ll match me in income. But I have an extremely complicated relationship with it. I don’t want them to earn more than me, because then they’ll have more power, but if they earn less, I won’t be able to afford the life I grew up with. Basically, there was no amount they could’ve earned that wouldn’t have made me feel uncomfortable except exactly the same amount as me.”

Lol, I hope she hides the the crazy when dating. She probably doesn’t as she’s single.

“When I’m on the apps, I’ve been trying to change my habits. Easier said than done, though. I’m going to therapy to work on it.”


“Do I deserve this money?* Why would I deserve this? It’s not necessarily an accomplishment to become rich from your company doing an IPO. It’s luck — I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. It’s not like I’m any smarter than the tens of thousands of people who have my job at other companies.”

Liberal guilt which leads to voting for idiotic policies, because it appears they would help.


than whey give money at first place to firms that are liberal dominated?
stock wealth has already magnified real estate wealth.

I don’t know why I would buy a Tesla, which is the common reaction people have.

TSLA is a millennial status symbol… I made it.

Pretty, raped. Asian, beaten up.

Sometimes I think about the guy I lost my virginity to…

My roommate does much more noble work — he works in health care…

I have struck you out.

Seems more like confessions of a pathetic liberal. $6m in SF is poverty level to some on this forum. This poor woman has a male roommate but can’t even get a boyfriend or husband. Like I have always said liberalism is a social disease. She can’t get out of her own miserable way. A $6m dollar windfall has made her even more miserable. Too bad Trump is gone or she could blame her problems on him.

Many lotto winners end up loosing everything. Friends become jealous and needy. Even her own mother is jealous. She needs to marry a wealthy Republican to teach her how to be greedy and how to enjoy spending money.


Congrats on your new found wealth.

You can now buy a Palo Alto Eichler.


Wonder if she exercised her options. If not, depending on the structure of the deal, she may well lose over 40% to state and federal taxes.

It’s north of 50% when you have federal income, state income (rate on income over $1M), and the Medicare surcharge tax.

That’s why I think it’s laughable when people say the rich don’t pay their fair share. Keeping less than half what you earn should be criminal.

Meanwhile, expanding the child tax credit and free covid money makes it so a family of 4 can make $125k and have an effective income tax rate of 0%.

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She needs proper education on how to handle the money mentally and not make it such a big deal in her life. If my daughter (she is in college now) gets a $6m windfall like that I am confident that she will gladly accept it and enjoy it without all these drama thoughts. :slight_smile:

Confused as hell.

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I don’t think people mean W2 wage earners when they say that. It’s the “real” rich who don’t need to work and have money tucked away in tax saving instruments.


Like Paris Hilton :slight_smile:

The $250k/yr household income level is often sited as the rich level that need to pay more taxes. It’s literally the foundation of every Democrat tax proposal. They are 100% consistent that people making more than that need to pay their fair share and aren’t paying enough.

Biden is saying $400k for families. $250k makes sense for individuals but not for a family of five.

And then it comes down to what kind of income they’re talking about. We shelter almost $100k/year in tax-advantaged accounts, so if you are talking taxable income $400k is really >$500k gross.

If I have imaginary friends can I “self-identify” or “represent” as part of a family rather than single?
Or maybe I need to adopt one of the b’jillions of kids he’s letting in through the southern border. I doubt it costs much to feed them and I could always put them to work.

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The irony of this is, with a median household income of under 60k the amount this would raise doesn’t begin to fund the Dem wish list. If “free” health care is their goal it’s a grain of sand on the beach.

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