Impact of stock market to RE in South Bay

94087 Sunnyvale West
8 for sale on Feb 5, 2018
Let’s how fast and at what price they would be sold.


Wait for a week or a month, when stocks slide 20% from peak, we will really see the impact.

95014 Cupertino.
13 for sale on Feb 5, 2018
Let see how fast and at what price they would be sold.

Do you think I can get a 4/3 SFH 2000 square footage on a 8000 sqft lot for $1.5 mil in either 95014 or 94087 within 2 years?

If people are looking to buy, wouldn’t they already have sold so down payment is already cash?

If I see a home like this, there are plenty of competitors here waiting for such prices (that includes me too !).

IMO, if new FED chief declares no rate hike in Mar 2018, then market may go up ! You know Mr.Market behaves weird and no one can predict how it turns out next day.

Even yesterday, I sold all my stocks within 10% gain thinking that I can buy back those stocks as 10% is easy to drop. However, it resulted big drop almost 20k from my profits.

You are asking a prediction, esp challenging cash rich areas like 95014 or 94087, which is difficult as lot of stock option people would have sold or may sell their stocks.

If there is 20% - 30% + crash and economy sinks/stays for 2 years, we have good time to buy. The longer the slow growth, better for us to get a deal !

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There’s no recession in sight. This is a technical correction. Just a warning to stock investors so that they can sell stocks and buy homes


I view that as hedging as RE in SV is more stable than hi tech stocks. Btw bought a SFH in Austin in Dec, rented out quickly, no cooling like in SV, only 2 days of listing😀

You are really hooked up to Austin! All your new purchases are in Austin

If you really see the minor difference, it is all about how much % down. When too much correction, it becomes recession.

Just a warning to stock investors so that they can sell stocks and buy homes ==> Good, selling stocks to keep it cash…

do you exclusively buy in austin these days?

Yes. Will only switch back to SV if there is a recession. So you can be very sure to see me in Open House if recession kicks in. I’m buying 1 SFH in Austin per year, just like manch (not sure whether he is true to his words).

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What is your yearly buy amount? I need to fake someone and follow their strategy before i get more experienced.

Merely applying the well documented DCA for stocks to RE. Instead of weekly to monthly purchase, annually… RE is expensive, you can’t buy $500 :slight_smile: per week. Amount should depend on locality. For Austin, the amount is between $225k-$325k. So far, manage to keep within range.

DMing you in case you want to keep it private. i have questions.

Ha, botcoin investor and stock investor is selling and buying RE

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