Impeachment of Macron: Gas Tax vs Climate Science



Meanwhile, Californians will keep voting for tax increases on themselves.



The climate agreement is why they increased the gas tax. Perhaps the ultimate irony is the US left the agreement, and we’ve reduced green house gas emissions more than any other country. Many of the countries in the agreement aren’t even hitting the goals they set for themselves. Of course, that doesn’t matter since there’s no enforcement or penalties in the agreement.


Macron’s approval rating is only half of Trump’s. Let’s see whether Macron will be impeached.

Gas tax pause will cause government spending cut of 2B euros.

“Mr Macron’s satisfaction rating fell to 23 per cent in November, down six percentage points on the previous month, the poll for Paris Match and Sud Radio showed.”

"The suspension marks the first major U-turn by the Macron administration after 18 months in power.

It is however expected to cost France around 2 billion euros (ÂŁ1.78 billion), a government source told Reuters on Tuesday.

This gaping hole in public finances will be funded entirely by corresponding spending cuts so that the French budget deficit does not veer from its planned target of 2.8 per cent in 2019, the source added."


I guess that means no PG&E rebate this year eh?


Even Iraq has “Yellow Vests” protests now


Hmm, climate politics? Environmentalists, climate activists are costing Macron his presidency

“But a long history of climate policy failures might also cause climate activists and the politicians they support to be more humble about their convictions, more sensitive to the human effects of their policy, and more willing to listen to criticism.”


Seems like putting a target on one’s back. Or front.


on the other hand, the yellow lights will make government be careful since they can’t say that they killed someone since it’s dark


“As exhausting and daunting as it may be, climate leaders must pay heed to the cries of France’s yellow vests, and the angry masses inside their own nations. A corporate boardroom or gathering of CEOs may be more comfortable. But curing the world’s climate catastrophe, pulling humanity from its existential brink, requires nothing less than solutions found, and supported, across whole societies.”


Climate action is an elite priority and nobody really cares. :roll_eyes: Maybe that’s why Trump got elected.

Environmentalists will be discarded by both the leftists and the right wing, not to mention the moderates. It’s like talking about 17th century sculpture with a hungry kids. It’s such a simple common sense but the elitists never understood.

" 2018 midterm election outcomes show that electoral support for climate action is thin. Take the case of Florida, the state that faces massive hurricanes every year. Voters are sending Rick Scott to the U.S. Senate even though, as governor, he banned the mention of global warming and climate change in state government policies. Similarly, Floridians elected Ron DeSantis as the governor although he questions whether climate change is caused by humans.

Take the case of a carbon tax. The carbon tax referendum (I-1631) in the pro-environmental state of Washington secured only 43 percent vote in the November elections in spite of a blue wave that saw Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell getting reelected with 59 percent of the vote.

Why are citizens not supporting, if not turning against, climate policy? The extreme polarization and the rise of right-wing think tanks that systematically misinterpret climate issues surely shoulder some of the blame. But as protests in France reveal, a large number of citizens see climate action as an elite priority."


As the French protestors note, Macron’s government “talks about the end of the world while we are talking about the end of the month.”


Impeachment procedures are on their way for the racist and a liar in chief hiring illegals.