Implications of Biden's Infrastructure Plan on EV and Clean Energy

The spending in the plan covers a wide range of physical infrastructure projects, including transportation, broadband, the electric grid and housing; efforts to jump-start advanced manufacturing; and other industries officials see as key to the United States’ growing economic competition with China.

It also includes money to train millions of workers, as well as money for initiatives to support labor unions and providers of in-home care for older and disabled Americans, while also increasing the pay of the workers who provide that care.

Implications for investors?

I have DE CAT.

i bot Proterra. I am also underwater on buying it at $16, but its an even better deal at $9 now. Supposedly tons of contracts underworks and CA is requiring ALL of its public buses to be electric by 2040



How come not NVVE?

I am not sure about them.

I work on V2G as my day job right now and I am skeptical about V2G. :rofl: :rofl:

I like Proterra and I see their market as a bit “captive” meaning - mostly government and school and transit agencies that will HAVE to go electric since it is the easiest lever to pull from a policy perspective. So from a revenue/investment perspective feels a little more solid to me.

Also looking at Stem, Inc ($STEM) - having known the CEO in similar circles he is quite bombastic/exaggerates a lot, but the market might favorably look up on the stock - fundamentals mean nothing in this market.


seems like Jennifer Granholm has sold her proterra stocks after Republican criticism

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@girlykick any rival company you know of for proterra? reason why I am asking is I see criticism on Biden to do virtual tour of proterra. If there’s any chance govt goes with another company, which one would be the next favorable?

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there are a bunch of them. Investable - I would say only BYD, i actually really like them as a company, and have known about them for a while, they are quite innovative, but I am staying far away as it is a Chinese company, and I can only get an ADR, and with my luck, its going to pull another $BABA.

I did put a little into Lordstown ($RIDE) - TOTALLY underwater on that one. I stuck $500 in there as a lark, thinking they would come back though they are a hot mess. They are mostly MD/HD fleet, so not electric buses but same thesis - government (post office, local goverments, utilities) can use those for electric fleet.

I can’t think of any other public market ones.

the other one I am eyeing but don’t have the guts to buy just yet is Microvast Holdings Ord Shs, NASDAQ: MVST. They are a very prolific battery mfg, revenues are increasing but for some reason the market doesn’t love them…maybe too obscure?


WB owns lot of BYD.

At present, Mr Market has lost interest in EV stocks. You can verify by checking charts of EV stocks, all decline since late Jan/ early Feb. Even the mighty TSLA is sideways.

this is super helpful.

I know I work on V2G and EV, but i am super down on Hydrogen. the fueling infrastructure they need to build out for that is huge and we can’t even fix our current infrastructure. I personally think the whole hydrogen craze is a nod to the current fossil fuel companies who want to show they are going green but still have a fossil fuel base.

I don’t think EV’s are “green” either, its just the fueling infrastructure is easier than hydrogen since its a lot easier to to build out charging infrastructure compared to hydrogen


EV stocks coming alive. NVVE :money_mouth_face: CHPT :+1: PTRA :ok_hand:

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I didn’t do serious TA or FA on these two counters. Randomly bought NVVE and then PTRA because of @girlykick.

Both did pretty well after 9 days of chatting here. That is about the only “serious research” done so far.


Bought PTRA based on @girlykick advice. Might add more depends on how it performs.


ha awesome! also, just as a counter, PTRA is a long term play for me, and I hope (expect) it goes to $30 just based on their sales pipeline. but IMO its not a short term rocket. :slight_smile:

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@girlykick you are a great addition. Missed the PTRA tip myself. There is always a next time.


PTRA down BIG. Buy or not?

Anyhoo, market loves V2G…

Is PTRA still a buy?

Regarding V2G:
Did a quick search at V2G technology. I do not know how the energy equatoin will workout. For a car to feedback to the grid, we are assuming that a car has somehow stored excessive energy that it can give back to the grid. Does it sound convincing? Where will the car get the excessive energy from (given that it got it from the grid in the first place).

V2G are mostly for buses that park most of the time.

My EV portfolio is a small portfolio. Buy n forget portfolio. Just in case EV becomes the big thing like railways. Some EV stocks are bounced to be 100 baggers to 1000 baggers. TSLA is already a 100+ bagger.

Portfolio is full. No more buying. Now just ride.

My new focus is the meta verse portfolio. Ofc no change to existing portfolio of AAPLs and Index funds/ ETFs.

I work in V2G as my day job and I don’t think it is a good idea. for many reasons. if you really want a long explanation about how electricity markets work and why, I can, but in general for the high level reason you give.

however, the stock market doesn’t care about fundamentals and V2G is hot right now.

PTRA is a long term play for me, so please do your DD. :slight_smile:

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