In the Texas vs. California rivalry, California is winning

For a few years, while California was dogged by a real estate crisis and state budget deficit and Texas’ oil boom was just starting to take off, Texas had reason to brag. It backed up its low unemployment rate with Texas-sized business incentives in a baldfaced effort to lure businesses from the Golden State.

But recently, those trends have reversed. The New Yorker traced California’s return to economic health back in 2015, after Gov. Jerry Brown balanced the budget and a new tech boom took off. That was before Texas’ oil bust, which took much of the wind out of the state’s economy, even though it narrowly escaped recession.

Hmmm. Sounds like a good time to buy RE in Texas then :slight_smile:

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I am selling mine in Texas…Do not buy and hold…develop and flip.

Honestly, I don’t recall Texas ever really “beating” us in anything except maybe football (Cowboys)…

Gun ownership?

Texas is consistently rated #1 business environment and California last. But for some reason our GDP is still way higher.


California isn’t #1 in GDP per capita. California and Texas are pretty close. Texas has more even distribution of income. They have fewer millionaires as a percent of population and a lower poverty rate. I absolutely love the irony of it.


So exactly what is DC’s domestic product? Taxes???

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GDP average per capita is meaningless…Places like Louisiana have high average GDP and extreme poverty…

DC money is all stolen from US tax payers

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GDP per capital is a good measure of how much money there is to go around. How evenly or unevenly it’s distributed is a separate issue.

Too much money running around DC up to no good

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I see…So essentially we’re paying our congressman/senators way too much. Or the lobbyists are…

Is it a good idea to buy investment property in DC? It’s a recession proof economy and the government will continue to get bigger and bigger. Government is the world’s best industry.


How much residential is there in DC? I thought it’s mostly government buildings and commercial. That’s why GDP per capita might be so out of wack. Lots of people work there but very few live there. The DC area does seem to be a good RE investment though.

Dude, you need to wake up earlier…this was posted by me like 5 hours ago…:grinning:

Just saw! My bad. removed.

J/K…we good

Find any decent deals lately…or on the sidelines for now @caiguycaiguy?

Definitely sidelines… Barely recovered from paying property taxes a few months ago.

I need to find time and start a meaningful thread for how I can grow faster and be like you guys.

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