Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Policies

We discussed miraculous benefits of IUL and buyinghouse was a great champion it on the old website…

I recently found a good commentary on the subject by my favorite (the only one!) financial commentator. Check out if you are interested in IUL… not impressed is the verdict!

I still maintain that mixing insurance and investment is a terrible idea. You get the worst of both worlds.

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I read that article in details. Yes, just what I expected. Unlike a straight forward insurance contract, or a straight forward investment in stocks and bond, IUL tries to mix both, and you can never be sure how much money goes to where.

Never, ever buy this POS. I can never get a straight answer from buyinghouse how IUL achieves those magical benefits. We now know why. Because it can’t possibly deliver.

Yes, exactly! I’ll happily buy an instrument to exploit tax loopholes associated with loans combined with deferred insurance… but IUL is just too complex and hides its shenanigans.