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So Panda is saying his thang has been working for a grand total of one year?

And 6 out of 6 times you are better off ignoring his thang and just held on tight.


With current situation, I do not expect TQQQ will be double and QQQ will be 32%. It is too greedy. It is bound to come earlier than what you suggest.

I do not know whether it correct 3 times or 1 time, but the next fall likely be around 20% or more when it happens, and it is very stressful. None of the equities fly afterwards as they would been beaten to death ! It is going to be a recession kind of start.

BTW: Anything talk about future is guess work which may go wrong 100%.

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 5.34.12 AM


Indices peaked on Apr 8 midnight! So Astro is no voodoo. Anyhoo, hit the EW forecasted price half a day earlier, see old chart… thought is today or Monday… was prepared to sell some TQQQs… should have monitored AH! Anyhoo, the drop should be to 330… no big deal… unless you want to scalp… do nothing :slight_smile: and wait for 350 which would have a larger drawdown :wink: to make trading more worthwhile…

Read the Jeremy’s article. He is talking about QQQ for sure. Guess you didn’t read or forget… I said many moons ago… somehow QQQ seems to last till end of the year or even early next year YET SPX seems to end much earlier, around May-Jul. I also say I am clueless… either I interpret the EW pictures wrongly… don’t know which ones or they can differ so significantly? Btw, Panda’s DTK is for S&P. For prudence, I will err on the safe side :slight_smile: close all trading positions when DTK is flashing red.

Updated QQQ chart with the red line shifted by one day earlier :slight_smile:

Included alternative count, ((i)) and ((ii));
Included some annotations which I mentioned many times but have to repeat because…

Btw, I can’t tell the difference between ((i))((ii)) and wave a of (4) because their behavior are identical. So my plan is to do nothing. If ((i))((ii)) very happy. If (4), try to add :slight_smile:

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Now, I see the value of your Pitchfork upside…Bull run…There may be minor pull backs, then and there, never mind until real fall is established, holding TQQQ strongly.

BTW, why do you choose 30 day 1 hour chart?


Can’t claim credit for this. I learned it from YouTube, can’t remember the author name. I paid forward and shared it here :slight_smile: for those who want to learn. Obviously not @manch who refuse to learn new trick. He said if it is so simple, everybody would have used it… he is half-right because needs to use in conjunction with EWT :slight_smile: to be effective. I intentionally omitted this :face_with_hand_over_mouth: EWT is not trivial to learn :rofl: :rofl: The most critical thing to do for pitchfork is where to put it, you need EWT to tell you where :rofl:

Two reasons, 1. easier to show here. 2. Bigger picture for day trading… I use 1-min chart for day trading, hourly chart is the big picture. Day trading with QQQ calls. Small sum.

For TQQQ holding, I use daily chart :slight_smile: No selling of TQQQ till either DTK flashes red or QQQ 443 (probably much lower… )… play by ear.

TQQQ may peak at $337.60 and pull back to $335 before resuming its rocketing… Can’t trade calls during AH/PM, just for info. I don’t trade TQQQ during AH/ PM even though I can… $2 is not worth the scalping.

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It is not so simple for starters or medium level learners, someone needs to master it. One mistake, brings down horribly.

You have seen how many times Panda failed to get the correct direction. He was saved as he held in cash. Had he acted based on his thought process, he would have lost.

The user must train himself/herself to master the art so that he/she is always correct.

Yeah, not worth until 5% down, any way it is loss on gain, and also pull back.

As of date, only two better than TQQQ since Mar 8th 2021

See here you can make bulk investment and make bigger 40% progress within a month with only one focus QQQ => quick gains !!!

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Some of the data suggests that wealthier individuals from the boomer generation may have been responsible for the ramp-up in purchases. The average investors’ age in platforms like Schwab or TD Ameritrade is close to 50 and they’re a lot more wealthy than millennials,” said Pierantoni and senior strategist Ben Onatibia in a note.


“Their behavior is also a lot more conservative than younger investors’. Most of the stocks that made it to the top of our leader board this week are high-quality blue chips, while more speculative stocks like GME [videogames retailer GameStop ] or [movie-theater chain] AMC have dropped out,” they said.

Obvious :panda_face:

Buy FAANMG :wink:

Buy SPX SPY QQQ QLD TQQQ :money_mouth_face:

Boomers are Newtons.


So you are in for significant drawdown soon?

Added my count in blue color to Panda’s chart. His 4141 max price will be hit on Monday AH/MH/PM. Might trigger his 1/2hr-2hr top killer :slight_smile: but not DTK. I insist that the earliest price to trigger DTK is at 4244, if didn’t, is at 4450. Notice he keeps changing his count while mine has not changed for ages.

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Correct, it is moving target based on daily up or down points.

For market, you can not be firm on fixed price, but only appx target is right.

If I guess, any pull back is appx 2.5%-4% level. What is he predicting on pull back percentage?

More the pull back, market reaching 4450 peak is possible. But there must be a pull back next week!

Market can not go up and up long duration.


I believe the whole week is wave (4) :slight_smile: However, clueless about the pattern, although I feel would be some kind of bullish leaning wave (4) i.e. wave b or x will be higher than wave (3). My WAG is down Monday, up Tues and Wed, then down Thurs and Fri … WAG = wild ass goes… no basis :slight_smile:

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Panda called them Cycles. The right name is Fibonacci Time Spirals. So he is still using EWT. He split EWT into many components.

He doesn’t want to tell us when DTK flashes red!

However, he continues brag about his success!

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Doomsday charlatan. Reminds me of people who claim women can get rid of their bad luck by having sex with them.


Orange now :slight_smile:

A couple of weeks to turn red… would be Apr 26 week as pointed out by me moons ago, @jil belatedly said it today2… always behind Panda and me :rofl: Actually, many Elliotticians and technicians have made similar predictions :slight_smile: if you care to scan the YouTube and www. Don’t be surprised some of them can pinpoint the exact date without the need of a DTK or algo! That is, way before those man-made indicator/ algo say so. Humans are governed by celestial forces which current humans refuse to believe.

Wait… there is more…

So first red won’t be the crash! He felt should be like Jan-Feb last year. Hmm… What if first red is the start? Or 2nd red is only 2 weeks i.e. May 10 week (likely May 11) instead of 4 weeks?

Panda is 100% cash. I have also been selling into strength, raising plenty of cash. Apr 28 (Apple earning) which I feel is likely the day DTK flashes red and could mark the start of the crash, is only 16 calendar days away. I have to start raising cash now because I am not very nimble… have to do things slowly… forgo plenty of money on the table… not my money…

You have to liquidate your entire AAPL holding. Fast! It’s flashing red!



I did!

Look like within 2 months, you would either cry or laugh at Panda, @Jil and me.

May be not, because if didn’t happen during Apr 26 week and May 10 week, the next one is Jun 20 week :slight_smile: These dates are computed using fibonnacci time series not some super duper propriety formula like DTK or algo. So you can do it if you care to learn.

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