Inside the most expensive zip code in Silicon Valley, where tech moguls like Eric Schmidt and Paul Allen have their mansions



From the looks of it, Atherton could be any ritzy suburb in America.

But it isn’t anywhere. Atherton is an idyllic town located on the San Francisco Peninsula, where even modest homes go for millions of dollars. It is the third priciest zip code in the US and the most expensive in Silicon Valley, according to Forbes.

It’s no surprise that tech billionaires — including Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, HP CEO Meg Whitman, and Google chairman Eric Schmidt — come home to Atherton’s 94027. The town’s prestige, privacy, and proximity to major tech companies draw ultra-rich homebuyers, who often pay all cash and bid hundreds of thousands of dollars above asking price.

Here’s what it’s like inside Atherton.


It’s just the name only. Blocks away from Atherton you can find the slums of Redwood city and El Camino passing by.

I painted several houses there.

That reminds me of my ex-brother in law telling me one of his long time friends approached him saying he was going to retire to Florida or so, whatever. He offered my friend an empty lot in Atherton for dirt cheap. No thanks said my friend, I can’t do anything with an empty lot. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“Few people living outside of Atherton have reason to go in.”

LOL! That’s dumb. People go there all the time to bike, walk, and walk dogs. In fact, I think I’m going to go there right now and go biking.

And, hey buyinghouse! Lay off my calling my neighborhood a “slum”. We’re gentrifying here! Even I can’t afford my own house.


That was a lovely bike ride!

I love Atherton.

(And I thought it was the most expensive zip code?)


The article says Atherton’s only park sucks. Is that true?

How’s Atherton compared to Hillsborough? Atherton is much higher end I suppose?


That was an odd article.

The park doesn’t suck, it’s 22 acres so it doesn’t qualify as a neighborhood park. They were probably expecting some fabulous facilities and grounds.

I bet the numbers would show a higher %age of a certain ethnicity in H vs A. H has a higher chance of being impacted by SFO and is predominantly hilly.


A = Jews?
H = Caucasians of UK, Irish and German origins?


A = Atherton
H = Hillsborough


So Hillsborough is like Cupertino and Atherton like Palo Alto?

Another pair is Millbrae vs Burlingame.

I wonder how these sister pairs came to be. :thinking:


I didn’t know you lived on 5th avenue…my bad. :smiley:


??? I LOVE Holbrook Palmer. My kids get a bit tired of going, but no, it’s one of the best parks around here, IMO. It’s big, it’s peaceful–aside from Caltrain–has a fenced toddler area plus an older kids gym, a big grassy field for frisbee/soccer/whatever and has a loop around the park for joggers/walking. Also tennis courts. Some of the trees have labels if you want to turn it into a nature walk. There’s a lot of trees around for climbing, hiding, and getting large sticks to hit each other with. Multiple sets of bathrooms, and picnic benches.

Redwood City has some parks that also are nature-preseve like, so it’s not necessarily the only place to do nature-walks, but it’s the closest/easiest one for us to get to.




Intresting that Woodside didn’t make it, but Los Altos did.