Interesting way to get a house

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Yes, and we posted about this awhile ago. A house even…

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Although your case seems grim, there is also a requirement in California for adverse possessors to pay property taxes on the property during the continuous time they are living in it.

This is the key point. The squatters need to pay property taxes. Actually I don’t have much sympathy for the condo owner. They kept it vacant for 17 years, didn’t bother paying the HOA and didn’t even bother to go check on it all these years?

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Well, maybe they heard from people that condos were the greatest thing since San Tung chicken wings, so they said ok leave it alone and we will be fine…:grinning:

Supposedly condo is harder to squatter.

But I do not mind paying property tax, can I rent out an unwanted house and do adverse tittle? I have no interest in living in an abandoned property though :grin:

Next time if you find your property tax showing paid without your money, better check it out


Same here. What kind of neighborhood does that make to leave a house vacant for 17 years? There was a house nearby in Atherton that was clearly vacant that burned to the ground. I’m sure the neighbors were oh so thrilled to have it vacant, and now even more thrilled to have the demolished husk decorating their street. Geez just sell the lot and retire already…

Why not plant some flowers and take over the property tax payment? You could retire after you claim the title:sunglasses:

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Hhahahaha. I’d have to call it my primary residence, though. It might be hard to hide the RV from the neighbors.

But it’s definitely a good plan.

4199 Clare St, Capitola
Has been vacant since I moved to the area in 1998.
This year, in 2017, they finally boarded it up and put a metal fence around it.

The land alone has to be worth 500k, not sure what the story with the house is.

EDIT: Sold for 925k in 2015

So sad… If I were the neighbors I’d be upset. Plus essentially the owner is leaving it to you as a neighbor to make sure people aren’t doing drugs or messing with the property.

Gosh, don’t you pay your property taxes months in advance and all in one payment for the year???:grinning: