Introduce Yourself


Is tjh here yet?


He hasn’t been very active on the other forum either.


bob from redfin forums, not active in posting but definitely learn’t from the old forum, bought first house (primary residence) last year… hope to learn more from this new forum…


Mostly reader in old forum. Now that discussions are lively and entertaining here, I decided to sign up and join the community. Originally from Burma, but I moved to Bay Area from Vancouver Canada (another high price city) almost 4 years ago. Bought primary residence house in 2013 in Fremont, moved to Milpitas in 2015 turning Fremont home into rental, and just closed a property in Daly City last week for investment. Looking to learn and network with you guys.


What type of property in Daly City? SFH or multi family?


Two story SFH. Planning to rent as two separate units 3/2 & 2/1.


At least they choose the truly American art form of jazz to earn their keep. As a traditional jazz fanatic, I whole heartedly approve! :slight_smile:


The former TJH here. Now going as TomhVallejo. I’d go vor full exposure, might even add a picture if an old, fat white guy won’t scare you but, the it’s too easy to find people by name on the internet and, since I sometimes shoot off my mouth about my government employer and, I’m not planning on retiring before a time of my choice, I need to stay somewhat gaurded.

You can blame TerriM for my crossover here. She mentioned this site that Manch had created. (Thank you Manch!) and invited me to join.

I had tried the Reddit forum and found it less than ameniable. Actually, I just couldn’t figure out how to navigate it effectively so…

I hate to admit it but, I actually missed the abuse and banter of the Redfin forum. Even if I’m not really looking to buy any RE these days.

So, let the games begin!

P.S. the TerriM and Nanomug sagas at the beginning of this thread are hilarious and wonderful. I hope that all is well with everyone. Even our favorite anti-Trump campaigner.

I have a few stories of my own to share. But I’ll hold those for a more appropriate time. :slight_smile:



Glad you made it and glad Terri mentioned it to you.

Thank you for appreciation of the humor. All is well in my world. The bumps of life can be a roller coaster at times. Everyone is alive and is staying alive which was iffy for awhile. Kids are living away from home. One left in a huff of anger and the rest left because it was time.

A housing emergency for a summer intern where hubby works brought a new person into the home for 10 weeks which led to more requests than we have space. So until sometime in September we are in the boarding house business. It’s working out great. All the fun of bright young adults without any responsibility to the care and feeding of them.

Planning on traveling this fall after recovering from foot surgery.

The odd thing is the electric bill which with a full house is half what it was last year. I can’t imagine what the kids were doing to run up the electric bill. :slight_smile:


Terri was right the old Redfin forum departed yesterday…RIP


I discovered old redfin forum while i was desperately seeking for housing market trend back in 2014 to make a lifetime decision. I ended up buying my first home at that time. Since then, i have read most of postings there but been too shy to post. Somehow, I feel more comfortable to speak up here.
I admire many of you here on broad yet in-deprh knowledge on real estate and willingness to share such valuable information with others.
I have learned a lot from all of you. All topics here are very interesting including Terry and Nano’s personal stories.
Hope i can give useful information to someone here as well. :slight_smile:


:smile: For some reason unknown to me that seems to be the common experience for quite a few people. Hope this trend continues.


Jane and everyone,

I have found the knowledge and the general support of people in the forums amazing over the years.

Redfin was touchy. At one time they had moderators and I was banned several times for a day or more.

I learn so much from the posters even when “off topic” and enjoy the different points of view. The respectful conversations have been been enriching. I don’t always agree with others opinions yet I pay attention and learn from them.

Sometimes I can be snarky and I imagine everyone has posted when having a bad day. Minor for the most part.

Maybe when we go off topic we are sharing our humanity and not just information. Collectively the group is awesome.

Cheers to all!


Homebuyer25 here. Don’t know if anybody would remember me :frowning:




Glad you made it! :slight_smile:


Intangible remains, well, Intangible :grinning:

Learnt a lot from you guys on the old forum where I started lurking and occasionally posting since 2012. Bought in 2013 but still love to hang around this community.


girlguineapig from the Redfin forums reporting. :] I find the group of folks on this forum to be extremely friendly so I’m glad you all made a follow-up community!


Love your picture @girlguineapig.


Thanks manch! It’s a photo of one my actual guinea pigs, although she isn’t that small anymore. :slight_smile: