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Figured I would say Thank You. Have been reading this site multiple times a day since the Redfin Forum. Posted 1 or 2 times of the redfin forum.
Closed escrow yesterday on my first home in San Bruno. Placed 5 bids in San Mateo was lost by about $25k-$50k each. Was looking at 2/1 or 2/2 mostly in the 1.4-1.5M range (only 900-1200 sqft). Ended up getting a 3/2 1500 Sqft in San Bruno. Traded the location for larger sq ft and lot size.
Just wanted to say Thank You I do not post but constantly read this forum. 95% of the stuff posted is garbage (no offense) but the remaining 5% are truly “golden nuggets”. I am 33, married with my first baby on the way in July. Reading this forum has helped me tremendously in the home buying process. All the best , Adam


Congrats on the house and the baby, Adam! Don’t stop buying :slight_smile:

these are rookie numbers, gotta up that!

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That just means there is some really high quality content to make it worth wading through 19 crap posts for the 1 gem.

Alternatively, any content of no relevance or of no interest to him is garbage. He has self appointed himself as the judge.


Ok so far…

6 posts in this thread. 1 original, 1 congrats, 3 on the garbage discussion, and 1 this message. 4/6=66% garbage. We gotta talk a bit more.


Congrats on the house & your introduction…

About the rest of your post, it could have been avoided(i.e. it’s garbage) :slight_smile: J/K.

How is that different from you guys not allowing @Elt1 to trash stocks? Same thing.

I wonder which post you are inferring as the 4th garbage…:slight_smile:

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3 garbage + 1 this message which was also garbage.

@Elt1 gets to trash whatever he wants. He has that privilege.

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Actually, it’s correct EXCLUDING this message
9.5/10 are garbage = 95% garbage.

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Let’s discuss more net worth in here to make that 99% garbage.

Cool, forum members have 95% fun and 5% serious business ! Ahh, that 95% keeps this forum live. I would suggest you add 1% more !! Any way, Congrats !!!

I am surprised that you waited from red fin forum onwards and just got a home. Why so late, as we had seen market picking up from 2012 onwards.

Congrats on the house, the baby, and instead of berating us for a change, start to get some sleep because you are going to need it with the baby. And learn some diaper changing, you will need that skill. :wink:

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the owner of this forum can’t be a dictator, otherwise the forum would lose that interaction among the players. That is an important part of this country, “freedom of expression” and those not liking it become tyrants on their own mind because they get upset reading something they don’t like or don’t support.

How did I miss this funny post? Jesus! :crazy_face:

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Many congratulations to you.