Hi, I am a newbie. I like to explore different forums . so looking forward to gain more knowledge through this forum.

Hi welcome! :slight_smile:

(@manch is probably jumping for joy right now - yay diversity!!)

Hello welcome! We are mostly just joking around though. :smile:

Welcome! I’m no joke… :rofl:

Haha @wuqijun hard! ahah joke, anyways, thank you @manch

Hope you to find lots of useful info along with endless jokes. :slightly_smiling_face:

jane is always the last one to write. after that, jokes do end.

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I hope it is a joke. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club!
If you see my post being the last one on any topic, they fear the truth here. :smile:

@SofiaDaly - I see you’re in London. Most of us clowning around are in the SF Bay area, so you’ll see a lot of local specific topics. Welcome to the forum! Hope you find it useful.

I see that you analyzed every lady’s profile carefully… :rofl:

Well, I think it’s always fair to tell people that aren’t living here locally that this is almost 90% an SF bay area forum even though the name doesn’t imply it. Some might just find it on a random search.