Inventory of Homes Listed for Sale in SF Jumps 30 Percent

Typical government FUBAR…reward the guilty, punish the innocent

It is not just financing that is keeping housing stock supressed, it is the whole liberal self hating global warming less is more enviro wacko movement that wants to basically wipe out the human race…They hate America, capitalism, homeownership and the American way…Let builders build and a host of problems go away…Wont happen in my lifetime…

I am only concerned with SMC, SCC, ALC these 3 counties suggest it is just another year on new listings. No less or more yet.
You need to look at YTY not comparing with Spring or Summer and go back a few years.
I was in East Bay last week looking at residential neighborhoods and further to Monterey and San Benito counties.

The sellers expect homes will sell higher forever. The reality is homes now (after school started the new list homes (adjusted) is 1-3% lower than summer. Most investors are unloading their unwanted homes bought as REO…
The homes that are not quite right do not sell quickly often needing a price adjustment. But they will sell.

As realtors it is hard to convince sellers to sell at market price as greed is on most people mind.
Sam Shueh Realtor
Campbell, CA