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What is your networth should that turn out to be true?

Where would Beth Kindig be? A billionaire or still peddling her I/O fund?

NVDA > AAPL could happen in a number of ways. Maybe AAPL could go down some, and NVDA go up some. Or a combination of both.

Anyway we are talking about just 5x the current level for NVDA. Not a life changing event.


:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Thought she meant surpass Apple’s 2026 valuation. That is if AAPL double its valuation, NVDA would 10x.

Maybe she meant that? Not sure.


Notably, the stock is up 335% since my thesis was first published – a notable amount for a mega cap stock and nearly 2-3X more returns than any FAAMG in the same period.

NVDA manages to overtake AAPL only in 2021. Could be due to shortages in semi (created by political event and Covid) that drive price of semi up. She has to prove that it is due to her thesis clearly.

5x over 5 years beats Cathie’s target 15% p.a. So SELL Cathie BUY Beth?

Another one bites the dust?

There is a saying from John Maynard Keynes that “the markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.” In this case, I don’t think the market can remain irrational long enough to outlast Zoom’s strong product growth.

What Beth is going to say now?

Only 5x, not that great an investment. Please tell me which stock that could ride the meta verse trend into a 100 bagger.

Last week, I wrote that Nvidia could surpass Apple in five years as the artificial intelligence economy will be nearly four times larger than the mobile economy that drove Apple.


Do you know that Apple is also into meta verse and EV? AI economy :wink:

I trust your judgement on ZM. Please say something about recent swoop. In case you live under a rock, your competitor, Cathie, has spoken and added more.

Interesting comments on STEM and PTRA…

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No comment on ZM :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I invested a fortune because of her persuasive promotion of ZM, market fit! What happen? Very RED. Anyhoo, I have a small amount in PTRA. Rant over, will watch the video now.

Beth and Knox don’t understand AAPL :grinning: No growth market? Is she joking? They think like Microsoft, make money even it means bad to society. Apple wants to contribute to the well being of society, even if it means forgoing good money making opportunities. Market is big enough that you don’t have to do those anti-society health stuffs, what people want may not be good for them in the long run.

What is the return of I/O Fund? Cathie’s super duper high growth disruptive investment ARKK barely beat AAPL over a five year period (Cathie’s favorite timeframe), excluding TSLA, AAPL trounces ARKK.

Beth is bullish on NVDA, Cathie is bearish. Let’s who is right.

Beth is still talking about FANG? Not going with time. FANGMANT! No more FANG.

By charging people 30% for the honor of showing up on their app store?

Apple is a parasite to society.

Don’t talk like a jealous boy. Told you to buy AAPL at least four times, all good buying opportunities.

I have a f… advice for I/O Fund jokers,

“The best time to plant a tree, is 20 years ago. The second best time is today.”

Apple is extremely exposed to China. Its app store revenue is finally catching regulators’ attention worldwide.

Hard pass.



Knox said for those who don’t have much money, don’t bother with AAPL. Hmm… I understand. No worries.

Back to watching the video :slight_smile:

Beth is worried about law of large numbers and would disqualify all of the FANGMANT because can only grow at 10-20%? She lives in an alternative universe? Hello, AAPL’s annualized return of 64% higher than her I/O fund of 40% p.a. Law of large numbers don’t apply when Fed is printing money at will.


Heard what Knox said? The only way to go is UP for China stocks. You need to be less influenced by your prejudice and think more objectively.

Different timeframe. Knox is a trader whose full time job is short term trading. By the time I roll off bed market is already closed. I’d rather buy and hold.

Besides I think understand China better than Knox.


Crypto Trading Apps Coinbase and Robinhood Will Decline in Q3 — but by How Much?

I notice Beth has been intentionally throwing rocks into the well where Cathie fell.

Recent Beth interview.

ZM and TDOC :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Sound like I bought at lower price than them :slightly_smiling_face: Thought I bought at the bottom and then the bottom falls off :man_shrugging: