Iraq declares end to fight with ISIS

I doubt this will get much air play in US news. This is huge.

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Here Dude - all links from “fake news” :slight_smile:

Btw, the Donald is quite the DUDE, who defeated IS in 11 months vs multiple years for the rest of the world put together. :smile:


Shouldn’t that be front page news?

Not when there is a home grown pedophile trying to get into the senate.

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You think he’s the only one? The Seattle mayor was accused of sex with underage boys. Not a single democrat called for his resignation. They all towed the party line. The mayor decided to not seek re-election. Those same democrats were adamant that Moore resign. They got called on the double standard in the media here and literally had no answer.

Is it front page news on on the only AUTHENTIC :smile: news source i.e. Fox news?

2ndly, Donald has least to do with what is going on with IsIs in Iraq.


When you get ticketed for speeding, do you tell the officer “but there are other people speeding everyday too, why don’t you catch them instead of me?”

This “other side does that too so that’s fine” excuse is pretty lame.


Trump is creating a really really low bar for the next Presidents.


You’re missing the point. I’m not saying it’s fine. I’m saying it’s hypocritical to be outraged about Moore but remain silent about the others. If we’re going to hold politicians to a higher standard, then it should apply to all politicians not just the party you don’t like.

Really? That’s laughable. Who’s commander in chief of the US military?

So you have to denounce all the sexual predators on one side before you can say anything about one on the other side?

Frankly I don’t know about the Seattle case. I don’t spend all day researching sexual predators on the net and be outraged. Don’t you agree Moore is the highest profile one right now? And we have POTUS campaigning for him.


:smile: :rofl:
There I highlighted & CAPITALIZED the KEYWORD in my post for you.

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Trump is the alpha man. Under his rule we defeated ISIS while previously we have been failing miserably. Stock market soared while previously tanked miserably. Economy is flying high while the previous guy didn’t do anything.

Remind me we are not living in North Korea… :wink:


and… ALL the news which do not align in his favor is “fake news”.


Are people unaware of the reporters that have been recently suspended or fired for reporting fake news?

It was openly known that Rich Gordon was a gay pedophile.
The liberal press looked the other way,

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Oh, we still have that guy, which we may call him? A Twhitler’s rear end kisser defending anything his idol does or says? Hard to miss him from a mile away.

“I am not a _____________ supporter” my behind. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

ISIS just detonated a bomb in Egypt, 300+ dead.

Russia, Iran and Hezbollah took over Syria very recently.

4 American soldiers left behind in Niger, one of them, so unrecognizable his widow never saw his body. Closed casket. A month or two later, parts of his body are recovered “again”. But Benghazi!

Oh, did you know the latest Bush campaign manager was Ken Mehlman was gay? After pounding on his fellow republican gays for years, he finally had to come out of the closet.

Do you remember this guy? He was embracing twhitler during his campaign. Caught in a cheap motel with a 17 years old boy, not a girl, a boy!

Oh, don’t forget weed and an open condom packet.

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That whole thing is a mess. The US needs to end it’s over involvement in policing the rest of the world. Yet we’re increasing defense spending. The whole thing is about control of Syria’s natural gas and pipelines for it. Russia wants it to go through Georgia and into Russia. Everyone everyone else wants it to go through Turkey to Europe.

It’d be interesting to see them present evidence to prove their point. They point to not impacting the air force which carried out attacks. If the chemical weapons are destroyed, then the air force can’t carry out chemical attacks. If you destroy the air force, chemical weapons can still be delivered in other ways. The goal is to eliminate chemical weapons not the air force.

I’m sure Israel would love to see us deploy and huge ground force and topple the existing government. I’m not sure I’d rely on them for non-biased reporting on it.