IRBT bombed, anyone buying?

my guess (with some wiki search) is things like robotic lawn mowers are coming. they also mention some new products but don’t know.

what i didn’t know was apparently they had military products before they sold off the military unit:
“In April 2016, iRobot sold off its Defense & Security unit, with a new company being formed called Endeavor Robotics.[17]”

Wiki has some details:

That’s why I was never bullish on it. They have crazy high R&D spend as a percent of revenue. What new products are they designing with it? They just do slightly better versions of existing products. Revenue growth was ~10% which is too low for a company that small.

So iRobot has been around for almost 30 years! Their high valuation comes from the “robot” in their name and there is an AI craze going on right now.

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Mkt cap: 1.65B

not high.

TTM PE of 34 with <10% revenue growth is a very high valuation.

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Did anyone hold it from back when we were discussing it?

Closed long ago. Can’t remember making a loss or profit. I have three iRobots, one of them is a mop.