IRBT bombed, anyone buying?

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UBNT bombed too. From what I’ve read, one time charge for tax law and write off for front row camera. No one had front row camera in revenue estimates, because everyone assumed it’d tank. The core products continue to do well. Revenue beat expectations.

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Dow is also down 450 points again

@manch what’s your take?

sell if there’s any bounce

you think it’ll go further down?

iRobot makes vacuum cleaners, has no moat and no differentiation. Not interested.


Recently we bought a robotic vacuum & went with Samsung(research on what to buy was done by my wife).

Not saying everyone will make the same decision but just a datapoint.

Keep an eye on the bugger after it turns 1 yr old. I hear Samsung devices with batteries are prone to blow up at that age :wink:

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Are people buying IRBT as an AI play? It does not seem to be on the way to be the AI leader

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There are tons of Chinese companies making robotic cleaners. Xiaomi has one. The tech is commodity now.

Last thing irbt is is an ai company.

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Then whats the reason to buy IRBT?

ok don’t kill me - i bought it for speculation some time ago.

Honest Q: what else do they make?

oh, poor speculator, start selling 20% every day

pool cleaners, mops and roombas. all cleaning :slight_smile:
speculation part is amazon buyout.

That’s fine. You win some you lose some.

iRobot has been around for what? 20 years? So over that time span they have not branched out of cleaners?